Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

Everybody under six figures is going…yup, ‘cuz that’s how people that make less than $100,000 talk. And, everybody over six figures is going…well those things were a nice boost, but I made my own luck and I busted my ass, and I had a plan, and I executed that plan. So, this Knowledge It’s Almost As Important As Money, Luck and Family Connections T Shirt could be the most polarizing debate since that Health Care thing last year and this year, and every year until we get single payer and public option.

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This shirt is goofy and broad humor and has enough weirdness to qualify as not bad to almost pretty good. First of all, it ain’t skinny dipping if you have a shirt on, so I’m going to give it points for that. Also, if you are completely naked except for the shirt, then your ass is showing, which is either funny, gross, or awesome, so I’m going to give points for that as well. Third, I like the letters filling up with swamp water green. Makes you think even more of creepy crawly things sneaking up orifices as you have freed yourself of your clothes shackles and alighted on the body of water as nude as the day you were born (except for the shirt). That is another point. That’s three points. I know I started out kind of luke warm on the This is My Skinny Dipping Shirt, but after further analysis I have to give it three thumbs up.

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This is a very important shirt to get in front of as many people as possible, because what you have here is the cutest animal in existence…the panda. You just want to cuddle, hug, pet, and wrestle these fluffy things, but, unfortunately, they’re very dangerous because they’re bears. So, you start to have your fun and all of a sudden your face is ripped off, and you are so shocked you can’t even scream as the cute little schnoogms pulls your left arm off. Yes, I’m getting graphic and gruesome here to prove a point.

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Auburn disagrees. They one a National Championship with a cupcake schedule early. Their motto is cupcakes are good for your BCS College Football Championship aspirations. But, hold the phone, that’s not what this shirt is really talking about, because it was Cam Newton would be featured in the artwork. Instead we have an actual cupcake on the Cupcakes Are Bad For You T Shirt, so I’m inclined to think that this shirt from Busted Tees is actually a statement against all of the posh cupcakery going on in our artisan little sub-cultures.

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Pillow Fight T Shirt

by on February 1, 2011

This is pretty straight ahead tomfoolery right here. Pillow fight equals pillows with boxing gloves and they’re going at it, because they’re bruised and black-eyed. At first I thought the pillows had handles and was wondering if there are pillows specifically made for pillow fighting, but I think maybe what you have here is the pillow case open and the actual pillow showing. Except if it is the actual pillow it really shouldn’t be the same color as the background of the shirt. So, now I think I might be a little confused by this Pillow Fight T Shirt.

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Nice modernized version of you had me at hello. You saunter over to a girl with this You had Me at ‘Sup T Shirt and you say, “sup,” of course. And, she melts because your actions match your words on your shirt, and in this day and age that is the epitome of integrity.

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Sometimes the shirts that combine pop culture references are the worst, because it takes me like over a minute to figure out what’s going on rather than the usual 17 seconds or less. First I had to figure out that Wes Craven is a storied horror film director…can you have a better name to be working with that genre? And then I thought to myself, Zach Galifianakis did a bit with the punch line That’s So Raven, so I plugged that in and all of a sudden I’m greeted with a Disney masterpiece I had no idea existed. That’s So Raven. With this discovery it also dawned on me that I was totally off in my appreciation of the Galifianakis line…I thought it was some genius random made up thing, when really it was just a genius random thing. Quite a bit of difference. So…I thank Busted Tees for always enlightening me about pop culture.

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Cute shirt. Got the alligator and the crocodile bidding their goodbyes with the classic rhyming goofy salutations. Of course, it’s all to cover up that they have very deep feelings for each other, and if life’s circumstances were different or if they had bigger sacks, they could reach out for the ring and hold on to it for dear life. It’s that whole thing, different species not feeling comfortable because of the families and the tradition and the reptilisms. They could be brave and bear the brunt of ostracism and following their hearts, but the weight is too heavy so they slip into cute little colloquialisms.

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Get your Adam Sandler fix right here. This is from the movie Billy Madison but I cannot find a clip referencing it, so I apologize for that failure on my part. On the other hand…you know Billy Madison backward and forward because you’ve watched 83 times in your mom’s basement just like I have so, all you really need to know is that Busted Tees is selling this Knibb High Football Rules T Shirt, and you need to buy it pronto.

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This is a nice little tip of the cap to one of the best movies ever Office Space directed by Mike Judge and released in 1999…holy shit…that movie is already 11 or 12 years old. My god I’m getting old.

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This is a nice little use of the green light theme that the comic and the recent movie, Green Lantern, conjures. Of course, the Green Lantern logo is in the green light, but I also like the twisted bits in the yellow and red lights. Stop, Caution, and Go the green lantern way. You, obviously, can tell that I have no idea what I’m talking about, but the Green Lantern Stop Light T Shirt is so cool it doesn’t matter. The design sells itself, especially to fans of the character.

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Nice use of wordplay here. Way to take a stupid, trite saying and turn back on itself. Of course, I probably don’t really agree that medicine is the best medicine, especially when said medicine is a pill bottle. Drugs are rarely the right way to go when you need to heal. They attack symptoms not root causes, and that’s missing the point in the big way, not to mention all of the work your body has to do processing the shit in the drugs. Your liver has to work extra hard…your kidneys…and your sacroiliac. And you never want to overwork your sacroiliac.

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