Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

We have a combo shirt so you can get two of the hottest pop culture dealios in one place. With this Harry Potter Twilight T Shirt you get the Harry Potter font and the Twilight name. It’s the best of both worlds and it’s a stunning deal because you only have to pay for one shirt from the very reputable and loveable retailer Busted Tees.

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This shirt is a masterpiece. If you’re into The Simpsons I can’t imagine how you could dissuade yourself from purchasing it from Busted Tees right now. The Springfield 5K T Shirt is a magnificent way of calling out all of the great establishments featured on the iconic animated show. Look at that list of sponsors on the back, and relive all the great entertainment memories:

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This is just plain sad, but someone has to say it and someone has to wear the shirt to spread the news that zoos are just the saddest places on Earth if you really think about it. Animals pulled from their native habitats and placed in what essentially is a work cube. Yeah, zoos will say they saved some of these animals because they were injured or their natural habitat was being encroached upon. Or they’ll say that they are happy because they are mating and propagating the species. And, I have to admit, some of the exhibits are vastly superior to the cages that used to serve as viewing rooms for wild animals. But, still it’s sad looking at elephants waving their trunks back and forth in absolute boredom. Big beastie cats pacing back and forth wanting to eat every damn human  that comes to gawk.
So, this Zoo Where the Used to Be Wild Things Are T Shirt speaks truth and should be worn, so if you have any heart at all you’ll buy it and spread the news, and then maybe all zoos will be shut down. Of course, then these “domesticated beasts” will just die because their instincts have been blunted. Wow, I sort of feel like I’m talking about my life in my mom’s basement, but apparently I have a choice.

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Hey, this is funny on a several different levels. Normally these transformers turn into cars or planes or other cool things, so that they can’t be recognized easily on Earth, but here’s Optimus Prime, the leader of the good guys, putting on a funny nose and glasses disguise hoping the decepticons and the humans that don’t understand don’t recognize him. That’s pretty funny. The semi cab wasn’t working for him apparently. Actually, I think he’s trying to look more human so he can get with Megan Fox. Steal her from Shia LaBeouf’s character, Sam Wickiwhack.

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Nice wordplay. For the uninitiated — and that’s no shame, especially now that you are here and bettering yourself — this is a play on Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy, which is a common thread among the hip hop, and rap community, because it really is not. You have to find good hos. You have to keep those hos workin’ for you, and by workin’ I mean givin’ seedy, sweaty, fat duds handies next to the smelly dumpster in the darkest alley. You have to hit some hos when they start to get out of line. You have to work some of the clientele that is slow to pay. You have to maintain an exquisite wardrobe, including keeping your hat at a perfect tilt.

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This is in reference to the Business Time video from The Flight of the Conchords duo.

“You’re wearing that same ol’ ugly baggy t shirt with the stain on it that you got from that team building exercise you did for your old work several years ago. Team Building Exercise ’99 T Shirt.”

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Superbad McLovin T Shirt

by on February 18, 2011

There cannot be enough versions of this McLovin T Shirt. Superbad was a great movie and the fake ID with the name McLovin scene was just an absolute gem. Everybody likes that shit and Christopher Mintz-Plasse was spectacular. On a side note, it looks like Mr. Mintz-Plasse turned 21 last summer, so he won’t run into the sort of trouble he got into buying alcohol in the movie. Can you imagine working in a liquor store these days, and he comes in. I would lose my shit, give away stuff for free, scream McLovin like 40 times, and probably get fired on the spot. Totally worth it.

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Love this shirt, especially on Valentine’s Day. She’s out there on the veranda thinking to herself, what the fuck did I get into, Jesus is all I need. Forget that I need a man, and scissoring once a month when the Mother Superior is away ain’t cuttin’ it. Thank God for these damn butts or I don’t think I could uphold the the Mother Mary tradition up in here.

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Live a Little T Shirt

by on February 15, 2011

This shirt needs absolutely no explanation because it is farkin’ hilarious from the get. You know what I’m going to do to honor the brilliance of this Live a Little T Shirt? I’m going to list every little thing that shows up in its grid of awesomeness.

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In Good We Trust T Shirt

by on February 15, 2011

Busted Tees mentions that this is the most chill religious statement since the Sixth commandment, which just happens to be “Thou Shall Not Kill.” I like this notion of chill religion. Moses hittin’ the acid and trippin’ balls, thinking he’s talking to a burning bush, and carving stone tablets in like 6 hours with cool rules like thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not cock block and thou shalt not talk shit about your bro and thou shalt not be a dick or douche…and stuff like that. Then, there’s Jesus handing out tabs to the disciples when they’re on a boat then tricking them into believing he’s walking on water while they trip balls, and indoctrinating them into the cult of Christ with sweet precepts like be cool broseph, and pass the wine and weed ’til everybody is good and buzzed and stoned, and forget money for a minute and just have some fun.

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Fuck Text Swype T Shirt

by on February 8, 2011

Why does Busted Tees call this the text swype t shirt, when in reality it is the map out typing the word fuck t shirt. Busted Tees may pride themselves on being a somewhat family friendly online retailer, so that’s maybe why they don’t call this shirt by its true name. Of course, I have also seen fuck on other shirts and it wasn’t cleverly disguised, so I guess I’m sort of confused. Or maybe Text Swype means something and I should Google it to make sure I’m not being totally pop culturally dense. Well, everybody already knows I don’t know anything about any of these t shirts that I have made my life for every waking hour, but, still, I’m going to put in 13 seconds of research. Sit tight.

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Hey now, this isn’t true, but the shirt is funny. There are always those platitudes and plentitudes about being a good sport. And, it’s funny how a lot of the fringe sports pride themselves on policing their own game. Calling their own infractions. Not needing a referee to keep people honest. And, it’s fun to knock blowhards down a peg or two, so that’s why you wear this shirt. Maybe you’re on the taxi squad of the JV badminton team. You probably just need to move with your life. What better way to go out than wear this Sportsmanship is For Losers T Shirt, loud and proud. Calling everything your opponent hits out. Smacking the shuttlecock way wide every time it’s their turn to serve. Smashing your racket in front of your coach. And tearing of your sweat pants to reveal a pink Speedo. Oh wait, that was a different day dream.

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