Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

First off, if you pre-order this shirt with the code “TRAININGWHEELS” you get Free 2-day Domestic Shipping. So click the buy button on this Thumbs Up Everybody for Rock and Roll T Shirt and get a great shirt with free shipping on Busted Tees.

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This shirt from Busted Tees references their sister company, College Humor’s little skit with those nutty dudes Jake & Amir. The short vid is edgy because there’s been a serious car accident and Jake comes in and acts sort of out of character by pimping the new You Gotta Learn How to Be Funny Man T Shirt, and not being considerate of the grave injury suffered by a co-worker. Of course, Amir loves it because that’s his MO all the time.

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This little step-by-step instruction sheet is a perfect little representation of those assembly instructions in multiple language or no language as it were, that skips like 14 steps in putting to together the item you were so eager to receive from the UPS guy. First you look at it and you’re totally overwhelmed. Next, you go back to it, because you want this item assembled and working NOW. You tell yourself you can do it…one step at a time.

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NASA Nerd T Shirt

by on June 7, 2011

That’s the NASA logo with the word Nerd in it. Are NASA people really nerds? I guess so. It feels like pilots maybe aren’t that nerdy, but I suppose scientists are. I have been reading James Michener’s Space for about 7 and a half months. I’m almost done! But, it’s a little bit of historical fiction covering the build up of the Space program. Kind of interesting.

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I think I could watch the original Honey Badger video all day. Actually, I just did: 24 hours straight looped. Lispy hilarity all day and night. Thanks Stupid. Honey Badger don’t care.

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Normally with these Delorean Dashboard T Shirts you get a special date that signifies something or spells boobies upside down, but here nothing is dawning on me. Does anyone know if the dates chosen here mean something. I’m sure they probably do and I’m being totally dense and that’s sad, and the only way to brighten up that rain cloud is to buy the shirt because you love that Back to the Future franchise.

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Hey, I’m from Milwaukee…this is like the essence of the city right here. You’ve seen the sausage races at Miller Park during Brewer’s games. One of those weenies is a bratwurst. And in this particular image on the First is the Wurst T Shirt, we have the brat winning as it should because it’s the best. Of course, I’m going to be exiled from the city for saying the following: I love Whole Foods turkey brats. They are good. No lie.

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If you, unlike me, don’t know anything about Mike Haggar you should probably go on over to the Street Fighter wiki page and get yourself some learning, so you can keep up with the important shit. Forget about the death of the United States Republic, and the crazy ass weather from global warming. Let’s get knowledgeable about Mike Haggar. In fact, let’s wear the Vote for Mike Haggar Metro City Mayor T Shirt and spread the love far and wide.

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Nice little wordplay switch up on the old ass commercial for those toaster waffles that, in retrospect, were probably nasty as all get out. Wait, they probably still sell those damn things on the strength of that tagline: leggo my eggo. By the way, who the hell tries to steal someone’s waffle in the morning. That ain’t cool.

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Nice little play on words here. Meme-orial Day Sale at Busted Tees. All of their Internet meme-related t shirts are only $12 through May 31, 2011. I see 30 great shirts available at this jaw-dropping price, so celebrate the 3-Day weekend in style. Do it!

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Can barely see these little vignettes of spoilers, so I’ll try to strain myself to read them for you. This is the kind of sacrifice I make for you, my much valued reader. Without further ado…what it says on this Spoiler Alert T Shirt.

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Seems so cute. The picture of the goat is cute. The girl is cute. Nice sweet little shirt. In fact, you may even want to get it for a sweet little kid. But, if you remember a few years, Goatse Farm was an Internet meme. Basically, it was saying do you want to see Goatse Farms and it sounds idyllic so you click the link and the most horrific shock site was there awaiting you. And you projectile vomited on your screen. And cried for two hours straight and scrubbed your eyeballs with soft hand soap to no avail.

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