Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

Nyan Cat Toaster T Shirt

by on September 27, 2011

Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

Apparently…wait let me start over, but I know this for sure. There is a 10-hour Youtube video of a certain cat that’s part pop tart, that flies in space shitting out rainbow to a spectacularly annoying but somewhat catchy tune. The twist is that the video is the same 10-second clip over and over. Amazing. Our future is in good hands. I’m assuming a young person put that thing together. No offense, but I could only make it through 6.5 hours. I thought 15 minutes was the video limit. Must have special privileges.

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Hot Bear Balloon T Shirt

by on September 27, 2011

There is a bear in a hot air balloon chasing after a dude that doesn’t look too happy that his nice solitary balloon trip to clear his head and look deep into his soul, has now turned into a aeronautic maneuver battle with a very angry animal. The other shitty thing for this dude is that he’s dropped all the sandbags to get away, and now he’s totally at the mercy of the winds.

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A little fresh meat at the top this week: Bat and Robin. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my top traffic pages and best sellers, but I love to see some different shirts get some buzz. So, of course, horny little teenagers were checking out the meet the model pages, and I think all things are going to be hot from now ’til All Saints Day, so of funny group Halloween costumes are hoppin’.

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According to this wiki Blernsball is the sport that replaced baseball in the 31st Century on the show Futurama. So, of course, if you love Futurama and think the current brand of baseball is mind-numbingly boring then you’ll have to pick up the Varsity Blernsball T Shirt right now before we slip into the future and it becomes out of stock or passe.

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Slam Dunk Football T Shirt

by on September 14, 2011

I call this particular type of shirt a misdirection. I actually haven’t seen a good misdirection in a while, so this football player catching a pass with the basketball terminology “slam dunk” under it is a welcome offering from Busted Tees.

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Another mashup and this is funny because The Oneders was the band in the movie, That Thing You Do, and their logo was a bunch of colorful swatches. Now, you have this The Pantones T Shirt with the swaths of color and a the Pantone code for the colors, which is how designers and printers and those that work with color determine the exact match.

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Thunder Cats T Shirt

by on September 13, 2011

This is what they call a mashup in the business. The Cats look and feel mixed with the Thunder Cats name. Of course, you’re a well-person and love both Broadway musicals and animated television programming from the 80s. That’s why this Thunder Cats T Shirt is straight up your alley (that’s like an outdoor “Cat” reference). Busted Tees showing a lot of range here, and a bit of moxie, because, you know, what if there aren’t a lot of people that dig both pieces of entertainment. They may have niched themselves out of a profitable shirt.

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There is a very little bit of the combination of bows and ties that is cool, but it is out there, and you can find it if you try. To start off with this Venn Diagram Bow Ties Cool T Shirt is pretty great. It harkens back to all the great bow tie wearers of yore, like, ummm, Winston Churchill and Pee Wee Herman.

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Gif Peanut Butter T Shirt

by on September 6, 2011

Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

Nice little wordplay/imageplay right here. You have the jar that recalls a JIF peanut butter, but you got the word gif, which, of course, is an image type. It’s cool that’s it’s like 8-bit or maybe 16-bit, because that’s cool. Would have been cooler as an animated gif but I’m sure that’s pretty hard to pull off on a t-shirt. Not impossible, but we have enough happening on this GIF Peanut Butter T Shirt to make it a desireable purchase.

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Family Matters had a pretty spectacular run from 1989 to 1998. 215 episodes starring Urkel the nerdy black kid. So now you have this Urkelometer T Shirt that measures how urkel you are. From 0 Urkels, which means you’re pretty cool, to 8.0 Urkels, which is like the red zone of pure nerd with suspenders and cumbersome glasses and high waters.

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If you’re into the animation show Archer then you probably don’t even need me to tell you that this International Secret Intelligence Service T Shirt is a must own article of clothing. You must be seen in this, because it tells everybody that you are really zany, and are down to watch some of the most degrading and dirty programming on television. And, that, my friend, will get you places in the night time hours in any metropolitan area.

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This corporate retreat in Raccoon City in 1998 was epic. The Umbrella Corporation put on one kind of event. One to remember for a lifetime. They were in the business of making memories I tell ya. If you were there or wish you were then you probably need to pick up this Umbrella Corporation Corporate Retreat T Shirt before the price sky rockets once people realize this is a very scarce and valuable collectors item.

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