Busted Tees: NYC pumping out very fine pop culture shirts

Busted Tees is a fine funny t-shirt shop with loads of clever tees featuring pop culture and random stuff. Many BustedTees.com shirts have made Shirt of the Day.

Help. What is this? I mean it stands alone as a beautiful t-shirt with the sexy sentiment and the fine artwork, but these days you have to ask, where is this from, because more likely than not this is a quote from a crazy Youtube video, or somebody unearthed a sweet bit of dialogue from a B movie in the late 70s. Or something.

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This is from the TV Show Parks and Recreation referencing Leslie Knope’s run for Pawnee City Council 2012. Gotta like this Knope We Can in 2012 T shirt because it sounds hilarious. Sorta like yes we can’t but the opposite.

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Another Linsanity T Shirt, but leave it to Busted Tees to get a little creative with it, stacking it up in three-letter blocks. You all know the Jeremy Lin story by now. I don’t need to rehash the crazy underdog tale of a great high school player going unrecruited, then attending Harvard and killing the Ivy League, and going undrafted. Then bouncing around…Golden State, Houston, and, finally, landing in New York where he gets a chance for meaningful minutes and make the most of them, all the while, reviving the Knicks season, and creating genuine intrigue as they try to work with this new, exciting point guard piece that literally came out of nowhere.

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Cray Cray means crazy. It’s an Internet meme. This shirt from Busted Tees goes down the crayfish path and breaks down the parts of the animal bit by bit. Next, their going to be saying the new way to say crazy is craw craw like crawdad. Anyway, the design looks cool, and the words are connected to the mean and the water creature, which are two very strong reasons to consider purchasing this Cray Cray T Shirt.

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Obviously, this is the shirt that Chuckie Finster wore in the animated TV show Rugrats back in the early 90s. He was also in the series All Grown Up, and his full name was Charles Crandall “Chuckie” Finster,  in case you needed all the details. Whatever the case…if you’re in you’re in your 20s or 30s and a viewer of television then you probably fondly remember the show, and desperately want this Chuckie T Shirt. At least want it a great deal because it’s awesome.

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Not sure what the hell is going on here in terms of the Full House clip below, and I really don’t care, but if you’re a fan of the show then this Wake Up San Francisco T Shirt was made especially for you. Really, Busted Tees printed out your Facebook profile pic in full color, pasted it to a Popsicle stick then designed the shirt while looking you straight in the eyes. No lie.

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Pound it around before it hits the ground. National Balloonball Association. Is this Balloonball World Championship T Shirt referencing something in pop culture or are we just harkening back to our childhood, when we were bored out of our minds so a little ballonball was in order. Pretty fun game really. Good for the reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Probably should be more balloonball, which was huge in the 80s and a little less computer, TV, texting time.

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Loot T Shirt

by on February 8, 2012

I feel like this is a strong statement against the destroyers of the US economy, namely corporations, politicians, and Wall Street. It’s US money spelling out Loot, which is quite apropos. They’re printing money, going negative on the interest rate, punishing savers, and rewarding reckless speculators. Not a great way to stabilize and/or grow an economy. Bernanke should have been shown the door along time ago. There should be bankers in jail. We need perp walks or the rule of law in this country becomes a joke, and, naturally, things will become much more unruly.

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Better get on over to the Busted Tees and take advantage of the great deal on all the shirts in their catalog. If I could do math, I would be able to tell what percentage off you’re getting with this deal. I’m pretty it’s over 30% in savings. Funny T Shirts are perfect Valentine’s Day presents. Or if you’re alone, they’re perfect to lift your lonely, single spirit.

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Better get on over to Headline Shirts with your sweetheart and pick out one for him and one for her; or one for her and one for her; or one for him and one for him. However your relationship is configured go to Headline Shirts, get one shirt at regular price and get the second for free. That’s a great deal that puts love into the air and romance into your relationship. Do it!

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This is a cute shirt. You definitely want to have a garment that has a computer wearing a sombrero and the words Long Live the Computer in Spanish. Am I right? If so, then you should not hesitate in getting the Viva Los Computadoras T Shirt and start wearing it immediately. You’ll live longer. You’ll have better sex. Your career goals will be met with ease. And, your children will become Titans of Industry or Wizards of Wall St.

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Don’t have any idea what this means. I’m pretty sure there’s not a weird dinosaur butterfly on a shirt that is bidding farewell to Paul Newman. Randy Newman has sung songs that have the word goodbye in them, but again the dinosaur butterfly isn’t making sense.

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