Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

Sometimes the intelligencia takes itself a little too seriously and likes to create the artificial barrier of knowledge to separate themselves from the common folk. This is why I applaud this shirt that has taken the time to explain what all that latin goobledegook means in English.

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The Bull and the Bee Tee

by on December 27, 2009

This shirt has a joie de vivre that makes it totally eligible for Funny Tshirt of the Day status. A bull blowing a bubble. A bee threatening to pop that bubble. Those are the random sort of shenanigans that we fully, 100% endorse here.

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never-forget-tshirtWhenever we say “Never Forget” what we are really trying to convey is that we need to respect those that came before us and especially those that died doing great things or for a cause. Jesus – never forget. MLK – never forget. Challenger astronauts – never forget. Dinosaurs – never forget.

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shark-juggle-shark-weld-teeYou know this doesn’t happen overnight. These sharks have been stakeouts on these wanna-be Jacques Cousteau’s for months. They always say sharks are loners, but that’s a disinfo campaign to throw off documentarians like the pour soul in the cage of doom.

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Chinchillin’ T-Shirt

by on October 5, 2009

chinchillin-t-shirtYou know that the chinchilla is the only four-legged mammal in North America that smokes weed. That’s right chinchillas are stoned most of the time if they can help it. They prefer marijuana enchilada sauce and mary jane’s cupcakes, but if they gotta smoke it they will.

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Jawesome Shirt

by on September 15, 2009

jawesome-shirtI’m morally opposed to promoting this travesty of a shirt. Are you kidding me? This cinematic devil fish killed multiple people, put the dark fear in the hearts of an entire township, and portrayed Richard Dreyfuss as an Ahab-like nutter. Plus, this movie adaption of a best selling book,  scared the shit out of a poor five-year-old boy…namely me.

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nuts-squirrel-stick-up-tee-shirtYou may think this is all cute and funny and all that but I truly think squirrels are bandits and should be contained permanently as menaces to society.

In my neighborhood, these horrid beasts eat your plants, destroy your garden, and spray paint your garage. I’ve even seen them hanging from the eves of my house doing their best impression of a god damn demolition crew: tearing into flashing, gutter, siding, insulation and whatever other shit that prevents them from getting into their little squirrel palace (what we used to call the attic) and tossing it into the neighbors side yard. Nothing stops these highway robbers, these bushwhackers, these criminal villain varmints.

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wolf-shirts-are-awesome-teeSometimes it’s good to be a visionary, prophet, and subverter. On the other hand, sometimes it’s good to go with the status quo. Some things are popular or cliché or ubiquitous because they are awesome and everybody knows it. You can wear your Pop Rocks tshirts every once in a while. And sure obscure Star Wars references are cool, but for your solid everyday where do not sleep on wolf shirts.

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your-mother-was-a-hamster-tshirtNothing like quotes from classic comedies upon your chest. So, get thee to your wallet. Pull out your plastic and buy this shirt, you English pig dog. Boil your bottom. Of course, I’m French, where do you think I got this outrageous accent.

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Human = faster than a piglet and just shy of a young polar bear. You adjust that carrot top’s form and you might see him jump a spot or two on the creature speedometer. I mean Ron Howard there, ain’t lookin’ like Usain Bolt if you know what I mean. Anyways, this shirt is more cute than funny, though thinking about the orange guy with a ton of freckless, lining up on his mark versus a turkey to see gets placed where is a pretty humorous mind brain visual.

Get the shirt: As Fast as I Can, which is a nose faster than a turkey tom.

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i-was-not-aware-that-the-bird-is-the-word-teeThis is a funny response to a very nonsensical song from the 60s. Do the kiddies these days even know what this song is? I suppose everybody has heard it. I don’t even know how radio works these days, since I never listen to it. Are there oldies stations? Do people under 21 sing “bapa oum mao mao, bapa oum mao mao?” Perhaps the song is in a commercial or some such thing, giving it continued relevance this day and age.  First, get yourself acquainted with The Trashmen’s classic song Surfin’ Bird from 1963.

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the-only-thing-to-fear-is-fear-itself-and-spiders-tshirtThis is one of those instances where someone gets quoted “accurately,” but either the context is incorrect or some of it was left out. Many think Frankie D. was talking about the Great Depression and pulling oneself up by their bootstraps, getting to work and igniting the fire and passion of the country again. Actually, this was pulled from a little anecdote about how Eleanor found a spider in the bathroom at the White House and FDR refused to kill it because he was screaming like a little girl and standing on his desk in the oval office.

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