Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

You ever go to those Asian owned everything stores. They have a little bit of everything. You can have a UPS package sent. There’s silver jewelry, electronics, lamps, and greeting cards. Well, sometimes those stores come in very handy and you can get that cheap rolling back pack and vanilla walrus candle all at the same time. The same is true for this shirt. Sometimes you like a specialist, but sometimes when you don’t have anything in particular in mind, it’s good to have a wide variety.

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Carbivore T Shirt

by on November 15, 2010

What you have her is a stack of flapjacks oozing with butter and syrup, and a dinosaur ready to tuck into it. Actually, I really hate the word tuck used to describe eating. It’s gross, just like meal and supper. Anyways, this Carbivore T Shirt is cute and clever. You have all that dinosaur education where part of the deal is learning what they ate. Herbivore and carnivore and omnivore, and now the newest classification, carbivore. Cavemen actually had very sophisticated griddles back in caveman days, and pancakes where a huge favorite. Of course, instead of syrup they used mammoth blood, and instead of butter it was sabertooth tiger fat globules, but in all other aspects it was just like a Saturday morning at your mama’s house.

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You’ve seen the charts in the stuffy museums that litter all the urban centers in this fine country of ours. How big were the dinosaurs, well what better way to figure that out than compare their size to a common man. Add some horizontal lines and all of a sudden even the dullest child can get a relative idea of how truly large the beasts were.

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Thesaurus Dinosaur T Shirt

by on November 11, 2010

I have to admit I kind of always ignored this shirt, but let me tell you what, the more I think about it,  the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s clever, funny, and, of course, it features a nerdy dinosaur, which is totally and thoroughly excellent.

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Bigfoot is Phony T Shirt

by on November 9, 2010

Nice little wordplay, along with image play here. You have the whole notion that bigfoot isn’t real, which is the same thing as calling him a phony. But, you get the added touch of bigfoot dressed up like a douchebag in Kanye glasses, BlueTooth headset, shortsleeve button down shirt, and a hard-to-miss ring, slicked back long hair, and a serious moustache, and you have a nice little humor double play. Of course, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the burly Hulk Hogan moustache from back in the day, but if that’s Busted Tees definition of a phony dude, then I’m going to go with them. Are you?

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This, of course, is a shout out to the movie Big Daddy where Adam Sandler’s character Sonny Koufax tries to teach the kid and the delivery guy, played by Rob Schneider, how to read. Schneider gets the word Hippopotamus on the card, but he has trouble eventually saying: “Hip Hop Anonymous.” Then, he complains bitterly that Sandler is giving the kid all of the easy ones.

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Dude, Mike Myers was absolutely brilliant in the Austin Powers movies. Am I right? Anyway, of course, this is in reference to Dr. Evil, and his strong desire to have sharks with lasers at his evil disposal.

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I don’t know what all you have going on on this shirt but it is awesome. You have a hot mermaid with an American flag, sitting on a T Rex, who’s driving a rocket powered motorcycle while wearing a astronaut helmet. I think I got the major pieces here.

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Comma Chameleon T Shirt

by on October 20, 2010

What we have here is a little shout out to Boy George, and boy let me tell you, it’s long over due. Ground breaking in the sexually confusing world of singing artistry. What a talent! What a band! And, now we have this little wordplay that is worthy of being associated with that phenomenon.

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Did Conan O’Brien say this or something, because what’s the deal with the ginger riding the dinosaur on the shirt? That’s CoCo. Right? I personally don’t think it would be that much fun at all, because I don’t think dinosaurs would be very good rides, like, say, horses, or your mama (ha, ha, ha….you saw that coming from 42,000 miles away…right!?)

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Can’t we all get along. Instead of the drivers going insane because the pedestrians are taking too long to cross the road, and the pedestrians hating the bicyclists, because they’re way faster and still not polluting, and the bicyclists wary of the Pachycephalosaurus, because they’re one scary ass dinosaur/shrubbery, and, of course, to complete the circle Pachycephalosarus hate cars, because they have very bad motion perception and can’t tell how fast they’re going, so they’re losing great numbers as road kill.

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We have a little wordplay mixed with a little cute animal business going on here. This must be Thursday night party time at the pasture, and the boy sheep is trying to pick up on that girl sheep with a pretty stale line, except that it’s a play on words and if she gets it, he’s in like Flynn. If not, no biggie, he’ll try the line with the 6 or up that he sees. He’s not totally picky you or should I say ewe see.

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