Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

Deez Teez, cheese, peas, knees, fees, bees, Lee’s (as in the corny jeans). Come on…everybody try it…the ees or eeze words are abundant and fun. I can not get enough of this rhyming business. Oh, and another thing, I just posted review of Deez Teez that will make you the smartest person in your burgeoning circle of friends. If  you want to feel superior to everyone around you at all times, because you have knowledge oozing out of your cerebral cortex, then you want to go ahead and read what I painstakenly put together just for you, my faithful reader. Now, back to my eese poetry.

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Happy New Year! It’s the time for resolutions, and I think number one on your list should be “Stop Animal Testing.” Okay? Now, say it out loud to someone in your core group, so that they can hold you accountable. You’re going to do everything you can to stop animal testing, including wearing this Stop Animal Testing  T Shirt.

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The shark certainly has feelings too, especially in his nose. That’s what you have to do when you get attacked by one of these vicious creatures…punch them right in the nose. It’s excruciating for them. But, maybe we’re talking about emotional type feelings, which is the point where this really starts to get funny, because sharks are made out to be just horrible, blood seeking killers with razor sharp teeth, and the picture on this Shark I Have Feelings Too T Shirt does nothing to diminish that. So, that’s funny because then you say to yourself, “ah, he’s just a big teddy bear, but really he’s a shark and you don’t want to hug him, because he will maim you.

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That’s one stylish dinosaur, and that’s the story you are going to tell the flocks of people, that come to you as you’re wearing this shirt, and ask you about the dinosaurs. Yes, you are going to tell them that dinosaurs invented shades…so forget about Ray-Ban, Oakley’s, and Blueblockers. Dinosaurs did it first and they did it best, and they would have had dominating market share had it not been for that little extinction issue.

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This is a nice little wordplay image misdirection combo shirt. You know how it works. Usually people are on the playground playing a game of horse, but now we have this little switcherooni and the horse is playing human. His opponent isn’t in the picture but it looks like he’s got him down to his last letter. I wonder what the rules are. Is there extra shots extra letters? Does his opponent get two shots on his final letter? What does this horse have? Is it all tied up at huma huma.

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Marc Maron WTF Cat T Shirt

by on December 23, 2010

I really enjoy Marc Maron and his WTF podcast. He gets all psychological with his own life for like 10 minutes, wondering why he fought with his girlfriend or why he has to eat all of the cheese cake he made the evening prior. Then, he brings on a comedian guest and tries to get to the bowels of the craft and to the guts of the person.

It’s fascinating stuff. He’s done interviews with some heavy hitters like Robin Williams, Judd Apatow, Zach Galifianakis, Ben Stiller, Dane Cook, Ken Jeong, Sarah Silverman, Carlos Mencia, Louis CK and Aziz Ansari, but also does a great job of getting a lot of interesting working comics in the mix. Folks like Janeane Garofalo, Patten Oswalt, Doug Benson, Jimmy Pardo, Stewart Lee, Mike Birbiglia, Dana Gould, Maria Bamford, Jackie Kashian and Paul Scheer.

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The Office: Dwight vs. Jim. Seems like Jim is stealing Dwight’s thunder with the glasses, the shirt, the tie, and the snide, over confident manner of speech. Dwight engages at first then starts to get freaked out and can’t handle it.

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I’m a Dog Person T Shirt

by on December 22, 2010

That dog person has a monocle and white tuxedo on, which just makes this shirt all the more creepy looking. But, I have to admit, I’m a wordplay guy, and this, my friend, is a wordplay with graphic support. Of course, if you just have I’m a dog person written on your shirt, other dog people will recognize your honesty and go “ah, isn’t that sweet.” And, non-dog people will probably avoid you…’cuz maybe they’re allergic or too busy going to hell. You may get people coming up asking what kind of dog you have. That all changes when you stick the head of a dog on the body of an elegant man. Now, you get the weirdos flocking to you like you like they had the herpes and you had the antidote (sorry Chris Rock…I just murdered your joke).

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Everybody is talking about violence in schools. And meth labs in rural areas that are feeding all those hick kids, but the real thing that is posing a major threat to the fabric of our society is cats on cat nip. If you think about it. If you remember back to the cat in your life losing their mind over the stuff then it will start to dawn on you that this is actually the major threat to our way of life. And, you know what? Nobody is talking about it and nobody is doing anything about it, which is why Snorg Tees has taken it upon themselves to introduce the If You don’t Talk to Them About Cat Nip Who Will T Shirt.

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This makes absolutely no sense, but with all the Star Wars shirts out there, I guess one can be an absurdest take on the Darth Vader-Luke Skywalker evil father redemption scenario. You see maybe milk I’m your mother works with a cow with some udders. Oh, wait, this cow that is telling that half gallon of milk that’s she’s his father actually is a cow and does have udders, so basically she’s fucking with the half gallon of milk, which isn’t very nice, and will probably lead to drug abuse in the later teenage years, but maybe the smashing humor in the moment is worth it. What do you think? Should we go ahead and examine it further?

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This is important news for all you crazy Holiday Shoppers out there. Do you have any dinosaur lovers on your list? How about dinosaur + humor lovers? How about dinosaur + humor + t shirt lovers? If so, or if you’re completely desperate and have no other ideas, check out my freshly posted page, listing the best funny dinosaur t shirts on the Internet today. I have worked day and night to come up with this compilation for your convenience and pleasure. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

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It’s important to know what the best funny dinosaur t shirts are. It’s a way to preserve history, remember that Jesus walked the Earth with these big creatures, and dream that they were still around so we could ride them like pack mules. Talk about eco-friendly transportation.

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