Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

ASCII Zebra T Shirt

by on January 31, 2011

You can’t see it in this image of the shirt, because I wanted to give you a female modeling the shirt, but that really is one of those ASCII art dealios, where people with way too much time on their hands create pieces of art with typing. There are capital I’s and 7’s and colons and those little squiggles, and equal signs, and  pluses and question marks. No lie. This probably took someone like 890 hours to figure out. Then Headline Shirts probably found it on the Internet and said “hey, cool and just copied and pasted and voila…cool ASCII Zebra T Shirt.

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I’m not really sure what this shirt is trying to say. Dinosaurs are extinct, so are they saying that Spring Break alcohol and flesh fests will go extinct just like the dinosaurs, even though with the constant stream of young people (have you ever noticed there doesn’t ever seem to be a gap in college-age kids – like there’s never been a year where humans decided to take a sabbatical from procreating) the phenomenon looks invincible.

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Cute shirt. Got the alligator and the crocodile bidding their goodbyes with the classic rhyming goofy salutations. Of course, it’s all to cover up that they have very deep feelings for each other, and if life’s circumstances were different or if they had bigger sacks, they could reach out for the ring and hold on to it for dear life. It’s that whole thing, different species not feeling comfortable because of the families and the tradition and the reptilisms. They could be brave and bear the brunt of ostracism and following their hearts, but the weight is too heavy so they slip into cute little colloquialisms.

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This shirt doesn’t really have anything to do with football, but since I’m in Wisconsin and the Packers just beat the Bears on Sunday to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl, I thought I’d bring up the fact that the football Bears are no longer a threat to anybody. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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Octopi T Shirt

by on January 24, 2011

I love this shirt. Great wordplay and math reference. What more could you possibly want? There is nothing else, which is why everyone who buys this shirt will feel an immediate and total completion. You will feel whole and evolved and almost like a god when you wear Octopi T Shirt.

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Can’t get enough of Zach Galifianakis or The Hangover. This was a spectacular film and this scene was miraculous. Perfect ZG…he interrupts somebody else’s speech, pulls out a paper to read from, talks about a one man wolfpack, then proceeds to be mean, corny, sweet, and scary in about the space of 2 minutes. Awesome! Can someone tell me why embedding is disabled on all of the One Man Wolfpack clips on Youtube. What the hell? Am I right?a

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Velociholmes T Shirt

by on January 15, 2011

Everybody thinks that back in the days of the dinosaurs everything was super primitive. No clothing. No humans (well, the Christians are starting to think dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth together, but I’m talking about thinking individuals). No vehicles. No condos. But, that’s wrong. Just like Atlantis was super advanced, dinosaurs like the one in this Velociholmes T Shirt were so sophisticated they figured out how to put on fashionable tweeds, harvest tobacco and smoke it in pipes, and solve crimes around the raptor community.

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If this is in reference to something I have no idea what it is. Are you telling me I’m going to need to do 19 seconds of Internet research and figure out what this means? What do I even type into Google. “Pixelated sunglasses dog with attitude?” “Deal With It Dog?” Smug dog. What’s going on here. Okay, obviously I don’t know anything. This is a rather old Internet meme. But, now I’m going to explain why the shirt is cool without knowledge of the history.

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Scare Bear T shirt

by on January 12, 2011

Little wordplay and funny image hijinx. You see this is a mockery of care bear, which are those sickly sweet characters for the entertainment of the children, and the ball tripping Deadheads that stare at the rainbow themes and think about the Universal Mind, peace, lentils, and balling that bra less redhead in the van to spots down. Instead, you have a Scare Bear T Shirt with a fang baring bear that would scare the children and harsh the hippie buzz.
Of course, Snorg Tees, added a little rainbow bib to the scary bear, which is a very nice touch that will bring the children in, before ultimately frightening them with the fangs and scarring them for 27 years, until the therapy kicks in.

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This wolf shirt thing is definitely an Internet meme propelled by the one man wolfpack scene in The Hangover. It’s very ironic, because no one really likes wolf shirts and turquoise jewelry, and dream catchers. Right?

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Ed Douchebag T Shirt

by on January 5, 2011

So, this dude graduates from art school in San Francisco then gets interested in tattooing. So, he goes to Japan and learns the craft from some world-renowned tattoo artist. Then he comes back to the U.S. And plys his craft, and he’s popular and it expands into books, and then a clothing line…and that line is the Ed Hardy clothing line. Sounds like pretty real deal credibility, except that I think from the point of tattoo artist to clothier, Ed sold out. His shit just ain’t that interesting. Do you think so?

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The holidays are over. Get back to work! But, first take a look at this little shirt.

We just ran the dog person shirt the other day. This is a very nice counterbalance. Also, very bizarro looking and that’s why, me, you and all your freak friends love it.

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