Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

The caption below the frame art piece on this black shirt says “A black cat eating licorice at midnight.” So, without the aid of a flame or light you really can’t see the cat or the licorice (guess we’re talking black licorice…maybe someone spilled a small pile of those addicting Panda licorice chunks on the porch, and the cat found them, and has a strange prediliction for anise seed or fennel or whatever the prominent flavor in black licorice is…I get those two mixed up…whatever the case it is not some crappy Twizzler or Red Vine, because you would see that on this shirt, and that’s not happening).

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Double alert going on here: cute alert and wordplay alert. Let’s get into the wordplay of this You Drive Me Nuts T Shirt. Artist Gaston Caba from Buenos Aires, Argentina has taken the popular English phrase and gone literal in the design, with two little acorns driving a well-to-do squirrel, who’s smoking a cigar, and wearing sophisticated red striped pants, and a top hat, and holding a cane, in a very fancy limousine with an acorn hood ornament. This car is so long it needs 6 wheels. There’s a whole back compartment for the rich squirrel’s tail.

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This is very hilarious. You have the most feared creature that ever walked the planet, meeting up with its own kind, and they’re probably fighting over a gambling debt or a woman T Rex, so it’s intense, but when it’s time to get it on it gets kind of silly because their arms are super short. It’s like a hand scratch fight. Maybe it goes in rounds. First it’s the goofy hands fight, and there’s a judge just outside of the picture, who determines the dinosaur with the best form and most impactful slap-scratches. Then, they move on to the bite chunks out of each other’s heads. That round doesn’t necessarily need a judge, because basically the first one to get a good chunk of head wins.

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Copy Cat T Shirt

by on February 28, 2011

That’s a pretty cute cat shirt, which should please about 87% of all Internet users. At first glance I thought Snorg Tees might sneak a little spooky looking cat butt—like half human-half cat—but, alas we got copies of fish bones, which takes it even further up the cute scale. Not quite as funny, but certainly cute.

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Doing a little research on this Axe Cop comic, and it’s pretty crazy. The series was started by two brothers, Malachai Nicolle, 5, and Ethan Nicolle, 29. Yes, you read that right brothers 24 years apart. Weird. Somebody should have got a vascectomy, but how can I say that. Now, Malachai is contributing to an awesome web comic. So, you never know what destiny has in store for you. Anyways, this Gritty Wexter T Shirt seems to feature the Axe Cop riding a dinosaur with machine guns for arms and sunglasses, which is smart because you always heard that the T Rex’s ultimate flaw was those useless short arms and their overly-sensitive eyes. Problem solved.

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I suppose I should have gone with Pt-shirt just to keep the theme going but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Perhaps it’s my strict upbringing. The Catholic schooling. The numerous ruler beatings. The dusting of fondling. Whatever. I just couldn’t get myself to put a misspelling of the word t shirt in the title of the post, and now it’s really bugging me. As I work through this issues, I will let you know that this Pterodactyls Are Pterrific T shirt truly is a lovely little bit of word play. I love saying the word Pterodactyl and the thought of them swooping through the air eyeing their next pray is truly wondrous. I totally approve of this shirt from Snorg Tees.

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This is just plain sad, but someone has to say it and someone has to wear the shirt to spread the news that zoos are just the saddest places on Earth if you really think about it. Animals pulled from their native habitats and placed in what essentially is a work cube. Yeah, zoos will say they saved some of these animals because they were injured or their natural habitat was being encroached upon. Or they’ll say that they are happy because they are mating and propagating the species. And, I have to admit, some of the exhibits are vastly superior to the cages that used to serve as viewing rooms for wild animals. But, still it’s sad looking at elephants waving their trunks back and forth in absolute boredom. Big beastie cats pacing back and forth wanting to eat every damn human  that comes to gawk.
So, this Zoo Where the Used to Be Wild Things Are T Shirt speaks truth and should be worn, so if you have any heart at all you’ll buy it and spread the news, and then maybe all zoos will be shut down. Of course, then these “domesticated beasts” will just die because their instincts have been blunted. Wow, I sort of feel like I’m talking about my life in my mom’s basement, but apparently I have a choice.

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Can someone tell me who the final dude is? Is it Jason Stackhouse from the True Blood TV show, or is it…just kidding I totally know that’s Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson in the Twilight movies. I didn’t even have to go to IMDB to figure that out, because I know all of this vampire shit by heart.

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This is the coming together of two tri thingies: a triceratops dinosaur and a tricycle–little tots transportation. When you can make that work it’s awesome and the results are stupendous, and, I’m going to put my foot down right here and say definitively that this Triceratops on a Trike T Shirt is a success. Snorg Tees really did the thing here. And, I applaud them for that.

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Here we have a little wordplay involving a duck, which is always the best wordplay. Combine the word fantastic with the noise a duck makes and then drop a little lo fi picture of a cute little blue duck and all of a sudden you have the That’s Quacktastic T Shirt and it truly is marvelous.

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Ahhhh. This isn’t funny. This is sad. That poor pig pinata is being abused. Some blindfolded kid is swinging a bat at him just as this picture is taken. I mean obviously this isn’t a picture, but it’s an artist’s rendering of the photograph that captured this fearful moment. Talk about child abuse this is it. Those children really are abusing the poor animal…and guess what: they’re going to be rewarded for it. Candy and little bits of plastic schwag for hitting the mark and busting that pig open.

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This is a very important shirt to get in front of as many people as possible, because what you have here is the cutest animal in existence…the panda. You just want to cuddle, hug, pet, and wrestle these fluffy things, but, unfortunately, they’re very dangerous because they’re bears. So, you start to have your fun and all of a sudden your face is ripped off, and you are so shocked you can’t even scream as the cute little schnoogms pulls your left arm off. Yes, I’m getting graphic and gruesome here to prove a point.

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