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Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

Cute…except that mama or papa kaola looks pissed. The kid is all happy, but man it sucks having to climb up eucalyptus trees when the kid keeps getting bigger. There are not a lot of low branches on eucalyptus. Gotta climb up barrel style. I just made that up. Is that a thing?

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Man, Headline Shirts nailed the burnt out faux counter culture that oozes around the Haight-Ashbury scene. Nose ring, dreadlocks, and much retardation. Actually, I haven’t been to San Francisco for quite some time, so I have no idea if this The Haight t shirt is an accurate portrayal and would make the folks that really live in SF giggle.

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Poor T Rex has those short ass arms that are pretty much totally worthless except for delicately bringing a soft fruit to his mouth. Even with the back scratcher he can’t reach his back. It’s just not a good angle. I don’t even think a long scratcher would help. It would have to be a custom job with a special angle, and back in those days manufacturing and mills were not like they are today. Some poor schlep would probably have to find a branch with a particular bent, and then whittle it smooth.

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Fun kids game. If you wear this as an adult it gives you some fun-loving, kid-at-heart clout, which can go a long way, even if your ultimate goal on the evening you wear the Duck Duck Goose T Shirt is to get some. And when I say some you know what kinda some I’m talking about. I don’t need to spell it. Or maybe I do…F O R N I C A T I O N or perhaps C O P U L A T I O N.

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Scare Bear T Shirt

by on June 17, 2011

This looks like a Dead Heads worst acid trip. He came for the peace, love and happiness and he ended up with a rogue Care Bear wielding a large, bloody axe. Bad trip. The whole Care Bear industry has been turned upside down with this Scare Bear T Shirt, and it’s horrible. Think about the kids. They’ll have nightmares. You won’t grow up properly. They’ll always feel unsafe.

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Hey if you haven’t seen the movie you need to see the movie. The Hangover II does not disappoint as the sequel to one of the biggest comedy hits in history. Instead of Vegas, we’re talking the more exotic Bangkok. Yes! Of course, this Bangkok Smoking Monkeys and Ladyboys T Shirt is in direct reference to some dialogue spoken by one of the characters describing what goes on at the new local. Ha ha. I haven’t seen this damn movie are you kidding me. I’m saving it. I want the desire to build the the pressure in a blister. Yes!

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This DirecTV is getting all kinds of play on the t shirt sites. It’s blowing up. It’s huge. There’s buzz. Why? Well, it is funny, and this Opulence I Has It T Shirt highlights the best line, so sure let’s get some shirts out there.

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I like Eco-friendly. I like creative. I like tshirts. Guess what? I like OMunky because they do a great job of combining all three. They have the fresh designs and they print them on American Apparel organic tees. There’s a lot to like in that potent, responsible combination.

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This is creepy in a cuddly cat meme way, which is why you and your friends all love it. It’s also why you just went and found your wallet, pulled out your favorite plastic, and are primed to spend your hard-earned money on this Who’s Laughing Meow T Shirt. Let’s forget about the cat for a minute, Headline Shirts has also dropped a healthy dose of wordplay into the mix.

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Love the image of the girl with the rocker hand gesture and a beer in the other hand. She’s not crabby, she’s rockin’ out on good vibes, great times, good food, and plentiful libations. Is there anything better than that. I didn’t think so. And, that is why you should make sure there’s always coolness in the room, and things don’t slip into silly bitterness, by wearing the Don’t Be Crabby T Shirt.

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This Opulence I Has It T Shirt is, of course, in reference to the crazy commercial featuring the rich Russian with leggy women draped all over him, eating gold-coated grapes, choosing gold busts of himself, and kissing a miniature giraffe, who says that even with all of this opulence he still likes a good deal, which is why he got the premium DirectTV package. Wait, is that the correct brand. Ha ha. I don’t even know, because the commercial is too entertaining, you get sucked into the storyline and the brand doesn’t matter at all.

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The monkey is the thing in The Hangover sequel. One can say he steals the show and them’s big words, because the show was packed with massive comedic performances. However, it’s probably advisable to own the Monkey Dealer T Shirt if you’re a fan of The Hangover 2, because it’s just a great picture of the monkey and it’s cool to have the word “dealer” above a monkey. Am I right?

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