Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

This is obviously a parody of the very popular children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. In that book, the Caterpillar eats through a lot greenery, and then tries to eat a lollipop, pie, sausage, muffin and watermelon and gets sick, so he goes back to eating leaves and eventually turns into a butterfly.

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It looks like in the UK they refer to “Jello” as “jelly,” which is why the creator of this design, Zomboy, calls it Jelly Fish. That doesn’t really make sense in the US, because jelly is that grape or raspberry or strawberry stuff you spread on a peanut butter sandwich. However, this Shark Chasing Diver in a Jello Mold T Shirt does not say Jelly Fish on it, so that’s not a problem even if you do live in the United States.

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Sweet lord, nice little mashup with the Doctors. Doctor Who and Doctor Seuss with Horton the elephant standing by the ubiquitous telephone booth from which all the magic of the long standing syfy series flows.

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Lot’s of people have that spinning in the head that won’t stop no matter what they do. They have insomnia. They can’t focus. It’s all moving just too fast. Normally, this type of hamster brain requires drugs, alcohol, brownies, or auto-asphyxiation to slow it down enough to really have some peace mind, all of which can get you in trouble.

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The Cool Story Bro meme has been going strong now for awhile, and it’s only getting stronger, especially with this Cool Story Bro Needs More Dragons T Shirt from Snorg Tees hitting the online marketplace. You’ll probably need to get this to stay ahead of the curve and your hip neighbor who lords over you the fact that she is on the bleeding edge. Shove this shirt back in her face and see that relationship do a 180 degree flipparooni where you’re calling the shots, and making the tastes, and she is just lapping up the scraps from your kingly awesome table.

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Pirate Droid. What a great concept! R2D2 as a pirate. They’re always on ships in Star Wars. Air ships. So, why not have some air pirating? Probably not as easy to catch and climb aboard a moving space ship as on water, but it can be done, especially when you have the skills of an R2D2 on your side.

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Not sure why Thunderies Tees is calling this one Eagle Owl T Shirt, but I think it’s a pretty cool design so I’m featuring it right here on this blog. Right now I am typing about the Eagle Owl Tee from Thunderies Tees.

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Types of Sharks T Shirt

by on January 11, 2012

Let me go down the list of sharks on this Types of Sharks T Shirt in case you can’t read the image.

Bull Shark
Blue Shark
Great White Shark
Nurse Shark
Shortfin Mako Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Loan Shark
Pool Shark

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Here you have the much emulated Apple marketing design of the dark figure with the white iPod, iPhone, iWhatever cord on a killer whale. So, naturally if you’re an Apple and sea creature fan, you’re going to want the iSwim T Shirt.

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It doesn’t get any more badass than this Darth Vader Surfing a Shark T Shirt. I mean look at that form. The confidence on that deadly beast…like it was just a warm summer day in the shallow end of the community pool. 50 cents gets you in. You lounge around. Dive for pennies. Ogle Mrs. Johnson bronzing in a bikini. Throw the tennis ball to each. Never figure out why swim goggles never keep out the water. Float around on a Little Mermaid raft.

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I look at the Llama on this Llama Love T Shirt and I can only think about Napoleon Dynamite and their pet llama out in the sticks of Idaho. He’s feeding the poor animal ham and other lovely bits of table scraps: “eat the food!”  I just saw the movie again, so that’s probably why I’m thinking about it.  It’s one of the greatest comedy films ever.

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I love t shirts that celebrate misheard lyrics. They’re always pretty funny. This one also skews toward adorable with those cuddling little bunnies doing the martial arts thing. Somebody you know will love this Every Bunny Was Kung Fu Fighting T Shirt. Wait, it’s not Christmas any more. Who cares about anybody else. You will like this tee from Look At Me Shirts and you will be comfortable and proud as you wear it.

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