Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

Here’s another little bow down to George Lucas and that brilliant scene with Obi Wan making the Storm Troopers repeat after him “these are not the droids you’re looking for.” I have no idea where this particular version of that scene is from. Can my readership throw me a clue over here?

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Um. How is the main dude over at Rizzo Tees not locked up for eight concurrent life sentences for this brutal attack on an innocent dog animal. He could murder somebody for real and get life in prison but paroled in 10 years, but creating this Skeet Shoot with Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua T Shirt potentially has him rotting in prison for life.

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I have no idea what’s going on in this shirt. There’s a bird on a bare tree. I’m guessing the pretty part is the bird. Maybe the bird’s name is Pretty Boy, which is a common bird name. What you don’t see in this image that takes this You Are so Pretty To Me T Shirt to the next level is the birds marching across the back. No joke there are to little yellow birds on the bottom right back of this tee.

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Penguins are getting their body measurements. Feeling fabric. Lookin’ sharp. I can’t tell if we have a fancy clothier here or if the Emperor penguins decided to take this on themselves as something of a farce. Yes, we look like we have suits on, so to be goofy we’re going to make our own suits.

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Wallaby, koala, bandicoot, kangaroo, wombat, and tasmanian devil. Wait, are all those weird marsupials found in Australia? I think they might be. I wonder what it is about that place that develop such a variety of odd species…and odd people as well.

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It’s Ryan Gosling’s head on the body of a goose gosling. That’s pretty funny. Of course, he looks good with this particular arrangement because he’s a good looking guy and can make anything look good. This is Ryan Goose Gosling T Shirt is for chicks. Am I right? I mean he was in the Notebook, which is pretty much all you have to say. Now, his handsome face is on a downy cute goose body.

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No idea what this means but I love it. If you’re big time in Hollywood you’re a Hollywood Honcho and when you look in the mirror you see a lion with sunglasses on. That’s how you make it in tinsel town. An ego the size of the Hollywood Hills, plus a bit of brains, moxie, and looks don’t hurt but not required. If you have some of the basic ingredients you may have what it takes.

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Cool looking shirt celebrating the letter G. Doesn’t get any better than giraffes, globes, and gang members. Am I right? Check out the gun that dude is packing…put the fear of God into you. I also like the gradient orange to red type color of the G. It gives it that warm 70s look, like you should be smoking some ganja. Hey, note the letter that that last word started with. Did you see what I did there?

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Very nice commentary on the gay marriage debate. If you say God hates gays that’s about as wise as saying what this God Hates Chimps Who Love Dolphins T Shirt. In other words, it’s a completely ridiculous thing to say, and you should stop saying it, and you should let anybody marry whoever they want as long as they are two consenting adults.

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Little play on words or wordplay as they say in the business. You see there’s this show called The Office, which is an American version of a popular British show. And, on that show, an actor by the name of Steve Carrell played a dude that used to say “That’s what she said,” after people would say stuff that could be twisted into a sexual meaning. For instance..

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“It’s a metaphor.”

“I get it.”

“But that really happened.”

Gotta love the Dodgeball and the Ben Stiller, especially with a fu manchu and a crotch pump. Good stuff. Plus, every time you wear this Grab the Bull by the Horns T Shirt (and it’s a foregone conclusion you’re getting it…right?) you will be motivated to grab hard for that elusive brass ring.

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It’s very important that us Earthlings remember those species that have gone before us. It’s a way to have a more rich, fulfilling life with perspective and grace. This includes remembering the dinosaurs. Those enormous creatures from the past that were killed of by a toxic pesticide created by corporations, so they could get to the evil place they are today, namely ruling the world to death. The dinosaurs stood in corporations’ way, but those evil kleptocrats put science to work in order clear the decks of those pesky gigantic (and somewhat smelly) animals.

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