Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

Get This Captain Feline Kickstarter

Um, if you are a cat and pop culture fan, and the last time I checked the demographic numbers on this one, there were about eleventy billion of you on the Internet, then there is not one excuse for you to skip being part of this awesome kickstarter. Easy Rider, Star Wars, Usual Suspects, Men in Black…all beautifully depicted with cats. These designs are amazing.

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 Get This Shirt from Design By Humans

This is an excellent design from nils285. I’m not exactly sure why I’m so drawn to it. If you really sit down and analyze the shark with the diamond teeth, it’s pretty absurd, but it works. Some people have gold teeth, and some sharks have diamond teeth. It’s the way the world works. Plus, diamond dust is razor sharp and can cut anything, which can also be said of shark teeth, so there’s that scientific fact, in case you needed that to help persuade you to grab this one.

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Parachute Zebra T Shirt

by on August 10, 2012

Get This Shirt From Polly And Crackers

Leave it to P&C to keep it weird. Of course, this is something most of us see every day: a parachuting zebra. But, the weird part is the glowing green around the zebra. I’m sure but that’s almost too strange, like if you where that to the Renaissance Faire someone might say something derragutory. And, you don’t want that. So, either get this shirt and stay away from Faires, or don’t get this shirt and forever wonder if it was the missing link to your eternal happiness.

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Get This Shirt From Headline Shirts

Very dapper dog, though I think he’s overcompensating because he’s ugly as sin. But, you play with the hand you’re dealt and this English Bulldog is doing what he can. Monocle, pipe, bowler hat, bow tie, and lapel pin. Nice.

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Hippo Holler T Shirt

by on August 8, 2012

Get This Shirt From Busted Tees

There ain’t a bigger mouth than the Hippo, so that’s just the right animal to implore you to holler. The rough of this one’s mouth looks like an animal in and of itself, but maybe he just had like a whole bag of salt and vinegar chips and got those ridges on the roof of his mouth.

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Luv All People T Shirt

by on August 4, 2012

Get This Shirt From 6 Dollar Shirts

That cow just got done reading Krishnamurti, and the only thing she could think to do was paint that message on a sandwich board, learn how to walk upright, and walk the rural areas trying to slowly shift the competitive, hateful attitudes people have toward each other. Good luck with that you bovine freak.

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Clown Dog Shit T Shirt

by on August 4, 2012

Get This Shirt from Threadless

They call it cleaning up over at Threadless, because they are family friendly and have some scruples, but over here at Tshirt Groove it’s off the chain. Dropping dirty words like candy from a dog pinata.

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Get This Shirt from Busted Tees

It’s about time someone in a position of authority got the Noah tale correct. Yes, they came from the future to escape a pissed off alien God. And it was a rocket rather than a boat. I understand how it hasn’t really come out ’til now, because it’s a lot to take in. But humanity is ready for the truth now.

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Get This Shirt from Snorg Tees

The catch on this shirt is that there are all kinds of scary looking creatures lurking in the “friendliest place on earth.” Sharks, spiders, tasmanian devils, crocodile, bird of prey, and your mom all have the super rabies symptoms, which include yellow glowing eyes and teeth.

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Get This Shirt from Snorg Tees

It’s a cat with green eyes, and there’s green yarn, and there’s wordplay. If you’re a cat lover this shirt is right in your cuddly, creepy little wheel house. Awwwwwwww!

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Get This Shirt from Snorg Tees

This dinosaur must be smart. He’s got long stringy hair and a beret. Basically, undisputable signs that there’s an innate philosophical intelligence in either man or beast.

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Polo Polo

by on July 28, 2012

Get This Shirt from Threadless

A little different take on the polo shirt with the horse pushing the polo player in a wheelchair. Maybe the horse got spooked by the fake snake that kid threw on the field and bucked the player off. The poor guy broke is femur and the horse felt bad, especially since the snake didn’t really look real at all.

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