Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.

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The Jungle Book’s Baloo flies an airplane. Not sure I remember that part of the story. Maybe it was only in the spinoff cartoon. Whatever the case, if you remember, and you love the big adorable bear, then you might just want this shirt design.

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Tea Rex Time T Shirt

by on October 15, 2012

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It’s a Tyranosaurus Rex and he’s drinking tea, thus, Tea Rex. Pretty cute. There are so many twee dino lovers out there that I’m sure this design will appeal to a multitude. The monocle, top hat, and bow tie make for nice touches.

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Bat Noir T Shirt

by on October 14, 2012

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I have no idea what this shirt is all about. It has the words Bram Stoker, bat and noir, so there’s some darkside stuff going on there. Otherwise, no idea, except that I think the design looks really cool, and Dracula was a sweet novel by Bram Stoker, and the dude’s name was Bram Stoker, which is one of the best names of all time.

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Gas Mousk T Shirt

by on October 14, 2012

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This is a cool looking shirt. A gas mask with mouse ears, which becomes gas mousk. Get it. I like it. The splatter gives it that kind of ominous feel also, which makes you kind of nervous about the future and where this world is headed. But, then, you remember Mickey Mouse and all is right with the world, because he’s not creepy or nothin’.

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Pumba T Shirt

by on October 11, 2012

Get This Shirt from Five Finger Tees

It’s a Puma logo mashed up with The Lion King wild boar. Pretty sweet. Plus, I’ve always liked the combination of red and white. Very pleasing if you ask me. And how can you resist that animal with his snout high in the air. Proclaiming joy.

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Animal Onsies

by on October 11, 2012

Get These Animal Onesies from Busted Tees

I’m pretty sure once you see these, you will have a hard time not making them your Halloween costume every year for the rest of your life, or at least for this year if you’re looking for something cute and adorable and such.

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Get This Shirt From 604 Republic

Bunnies are fricken scary with that speed and those teeth. So what if they’re so super cute. That’s what makes it more insidious. They lure you in with their cuteness, then they eat your face, as you can see with the Knight on the shirt. Monte Python and the Holy Grail bitchez.

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What’s the name of your shop? Your name? Your role?

We are Ryan & Lauren Wade and RadCakes is our apparel company. We are the owners, designers, and printers.

How did you come up with the name Rad Cakes?

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Eagle Murica T Shirt

by on October 8, 2012

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Eagle, fireworks and Murica. This is salt of the Earth US of A speakin’ to you loud and clear from a red,white, and blue t-shirt. Makes you feel proud especially in these Presidential campaign days. Unfortunately, I’ll be hunting for opossum on election day, so I want be performing my god-given right to vote, but I still love this country and democracy.

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Get This Shirt From Snorg Tees

Dude, now that’s some serious fantasy football. That quarterback is wielding a sword while riding on the back of a fire-breathing shark with wings. Forget tracking stats, let’s just sit around and build an elaborate fantasy story around this guy.

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Wolf T Shirt

by on October 6, 2012

Get This Shirt from Hollow Clothing

I was just thinking I need another Wolf shirt in my life and boom I’m on the Internet and happen upon this very fine example from Hollow Clothing. Normally, the wolf prints are detailed and colored to really look like you’re in the forest peeping some wildlife in their natural habitat. I like the twist here with the maroon shirt and the yellow ink. It’s the like the low tech version of the Wolf shirt.

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Get This Shirt From Wrenclo

This shirt is creepy all the way around. That bloody red color and the spooky rabbit mask on that person with mussed hair. I might not be able sleep after seeing that, especially when I think too hard that people on the crazy planet will be wearing that design around different places, like the park, school, dinner at the favorite restaurant, Sunday school. You name it. It will be worn because it looks pretty cool and it hits the sweet spot of the creepy meter. Not too much, but just enough to give you a little shudder.

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