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optimus prime hockey jersey t shirt Optimus Prime Hockey Jersey

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Not sure who decided to put Optimus Prime onto a hockey jersey, but it was a stroke of brilliance. It looks great. Everybody’s favorite Transformer looks like we has built/born?? to be associated with hockey. There’s also a small patch of the same design on the back of the jersey just below the neck. This is pretty damn cool.

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ET T Shirt

by on January 6, 2013

et t shirt ET T Shirt

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I don’t know if you know this but ET was a pretty popular movie back in the day. In fact it was probably the most popular movie of the 80s. And it had like a 7-year-old Drew Barrymore being a smart ass and cute. Spielberg directed it. 1982 was a pretty great year. Of course, you know what ET is. You don’t need a synopsis from me. You just need to thank me for bringing this very important shirt to your attention.

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step brothers yoda t shirt Step Brothers Yoda T Shirt

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Step Brothers! John C. Reilly! Will Ferrell! Hairy balls! Crotch party! Yoda! First Beer! Nice scene and the perfect touch is the shirt that Dale is wearing with the big old Yoda head coming out of the darkness. Amazing shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Half Baked T Shirt

by on January 6, 2013

half baked t shirt Half Baked T Shirt

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Remember this movie with Dave Chappelle. You don’t get a lot of chances to see him do his thing any more, so you should probably go back and revisit some of his older work, because it’s brilliant. Once you do that, you may want to remember him even more by getting shirts featuring his likeness. This is a very rational and advisable thing to do. Remember…this is Dave “MF’in” Chappelle. And that’s serious.

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The Goonies T Shirt

by on January 6, 2013

the goonies t shirt The Goonies T Shirt

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Well, sometimes you just like a movie so much that you have celebrate with brand new additions to your wardrobe. I know many a person, who were specially touched in their youth by The Goonies. It’s a special movie and holds a special place in people’s hearts. Why not share that love with the world by wearing the shirt.

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griswold family christmas hat Griswold Family Christmas Hat

Get This Hat From 80s Tees

It’s a Santa hat calling out the brilliance of the National Lampoon Family Christmas movie. You will be the coolest person at every Xmas event if you’re wearing this hat, ‘cuz you’re celebrating Santa and one of the best holiday movies.

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transformers christmas sweater Transformers Christmas Sweater

Get this Sweater from 80s Tees

Hey, it’s the Transformers looking like Nutcrackers just in time for Xmas. Very much in line with the holiday spirit. If you can’t get your kid to sing carols at Senior Living homes, or help bake cookies for invalid neighbors, then at least get ’em to wear this sweater to add to the general festive vibe.

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the dude abides christmas sweater The Dude Abides Christmas Sweater

Get This Sweater From 80s Tees

What a random way to shoehorn The Big Lebowski into the holiday season. I love it. The Dude Abides Christmas sweater. Although, The Dude has very specific taste, so I don’t know that he’d actually wear this thing. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Why not get up on Xmas morning, pull on this sweater, and pour yourself a White Russian. Sounds super festive.

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you dont smell like santa t shirt You Dont Smell Like Santa T Shirt

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I’m not sure a kid is being realistic if she thinks that Santa should smell like peppermint and gingerbread, because he is an obese man, with a synthetic fabric suit, that has to seriously hustle and work hard to get presents to everybody. It’s pretty reasonable to think he’s gonna smell pretty ripe whenever he’s out during the Xmas season.

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a charlie brown christmas tree t shirt Charlie Brown Christmas Tree T Shirt

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Ah, Charlie Brown adding the finishing touches to his tree decoration. It’s the only tree he could afford. At least he tries to be festive. Snoopy, of course, has the holiday spirit in his own way. Taking a nap after stringing the lights on his dog house.

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a charlie brown christmas t shirt A Charlie Brown Christmas T Shirt

Get This Shirt From 80s Tees

Classic animated show and a must watch around the holidays, if for nothing else than the amazing soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi. Charlie seems happy on this shirt, especially as Snoopy and his friend Woodstock belt out the carol.

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a christmas story leg lamp dress A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Dress

Get This Dress From 80s Tees

This is cool, except I think to make it authentic you have to cut one of your legs off. I mean do you want to remember the real meaning of the best sub-plot of A Christmas Story or not. That lamp did not have two legs. It had one. But, it’s truly festive holiday garb, and the reason you’re missing a leg will be a great story you can tell for a lifetime.

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