604 Republic Shirts Reviewed

604 Republic is into the nerdy, gamer mashup and they do a helluva job with it. Here are reviews of their best.

Love the eye patch on Waldorf, representing Colonel Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica, and Statler sitting in as Bill Adama. Quite a good duo and both having a little bit of attitude. Nice correlation between two quite different TV shows.

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Really cool gamers shirt. Kid has a decision to make. What uniform is he goiong to wear today, and, of course that all depends on what game he wants to play. In the comments below, please tell me all of the games that are represented on this t shirt. I’ll get you started with the easy ones: Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and Halo. I like the detail with the kid too. He’s got the Mario Bros. star on the t shirt he’s wearing, the game controller in his back pocket, backwards cap, and he’s pushing up his glasses, because, after all, he’s a nerd geek.

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Please note that 604 Republic has a awesome $10 shirt sale, which you really ought to check out. There’s some good designs in there. Of course, the site says the sale was over yesterday, but when you put the sale shirts in the cart it still shows up as $10. So, go take advantage. Quick.

Secondly,I just posted a review of 604 Republic, which is a pretty excellent t shirt site if you’re into detailed rich design and pop culture mashups of gaming, television, zombies, and your mama. Enjoy. I did that review work just for you…and your mama.

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604 Republic is not a Banana Republic. I’m not trying to implant that in your brain with the title. I was just trying to get banana in the title of this post because I’m reviewing a t-shirt retailer that calls itself 604 Republic, and every time I hear the word Republic I think of Banana, and novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Unfortunately, that has nothing to do with 604 Republic, the cool tee company from Vancouver, which designs really fabulous looking shirts for your fashion pleasure. These designs are richly colorful and interesting looking. You’re not going to find just words on a shirt or shout outs to the latest comedies. These look more like shirts designed by art students, who aren’t too snobbish for pop culture.

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