604 Republic Shirts Reviewed

604 Republic is into the nerdy, gamer mashup and they do a helluva job with it. Here are reviews of their best.

Zipperstein T Shirt

by on March 7, 2011

Can someone help me with this one. I know that Frankenstein dude. He’s a pretty classic monster, but the mashup combines him with Zipperface. Is that a shoutout to the obscure horror movie from 1992? Or is zipperface now just a Halloween makeup phenomenon? On this Zipperstein T Shirt, you have guy that’s got some male pattern baldness going on, along with a cigar and a cruel looking face. Frankenstein was never that cruel looking. He was just misunderstood. This dude looks like he just got out of the joint and is looking for some kind of action, including another self-mutilating session. Kind of creepy. Plus, check out that steam coming out of the unzipped skull. Yikes.

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Man, you know the zombies have infiltrated all of your town, when the crosswalk lights are infected with decomposing hand for the stop walking signal, and arms out in front, stiff walk for the go ahead and walk across the street signal. If you see that you have to run. Run to your car. Hop in and drive for 18 hours straight. Go west, east, north, or south. I don’t care just get out of your town because it is officially over there.

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That’s the most decorated plumber is history. I didn’t even know they gave plumbers metals. It’s almost like this particular turd puncher was in the military. Ah, but this Retired Plumber T Shirt is actually alluding to our friend Mario, who’s just a humble plumber who’s been through the war with all his crazy adventures. I love the 604 Republic trademark detail. The scars, the gray mustache, the medals with the familiar Mario graphics, and, of course, the highly recognized red hat, just flipped up to cause a few seconds of pondering before you put it all together.

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Hey, let me ask you a question. Do you think 604 Republic likes Star Wars? My guess is “yes,” since 62 percent of their shirts revolve around George Lucas’ masterpiece. This Death in the Stars T Shirt is no different, with a mixey mashup of Darth Vader, the Death Star, and the Grim Reaper. I love the scythe being a light saber. Awesome looking with the red glow all over the black robes of the Grim Darth Death Reaper.

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This obviously is a spoof on the Hope poster that Shepard Fairey designed for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, which was just another amazing piece to the marketing brilliance that was Obama’s campaign. Of course, it was all just a trap, because we now have learned that Obama is just like the others when it comes to giving slobbery bjs to corporate interests. That’s what 604 Republic is trying to tell us with this Admiral Ackbar Trap T shirt.

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Rubber duckie you’re so fine. Rubber duckie please be mine. I think I had a nightmare like this when I was three. The evil Bert and Ernie. I think they ended up doing unspeakable things to that poor rubber duck. But, now we have the modernized version with this Zombert & Zernie T Shirt.

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The Alice in Wonderland crew are blitzed out of the their minds right here. Alice, who’s looking mighty fine on this shirt I must say, is taking her turn on the hookah, but somebody loaded that thing with hashish instead of tobacco or herbs or whatever people load up hookahs with in legal establishments. Caterpillar dude, card dude, the cat, and the rabbit are all stupefied, blissed out, out of their minds. Alice is seeing life changing visions, which so won’t see in the morning. I’m just happy that they’re all having pleasant trips. No paranoia in the bunch. Maybe someone else already ran off into the woods screaming about devil carpenter ants the size of bars of soap.

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Hey if you’re a family guy fan then you have spent some time with Peter Griffin and the crew at The Drunken Clam Tavern, and that makes you look at this little The Drunken Clam Tavern T shirt and think to yourself, geez, I might need to have that right now. I’m not trying to put any ideas in your head, but if I can help the quality of your life with a few suggestions here and there, I will. Hope you don’t mind, and I know you don’t. You don’t OK. I’m not doing any subliminal stuff, just persuasive emotional selling that is nearly irresistible and possibly more powerful than hypnosis. I guess I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Hey that Lava Piranha Battle ain’t no joke, and sometimes you get burned for reals. Mario doesn’t look so good all mummified like this but things are looking up because he has his 1-Up drip feeder and his big ol’ mustache still makes it look like he’s jolly. I’m guessing he is, because Mario has an indomitable spirit, and zest for life. He’ll be back out there in no time.

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Lot’s of really nice, disgusting detail goin’ on with this Smurf Zombie Blue Horde T Shirt. I’ll break it down for you. First you have our protagonists back to back covering each other and armed to the teeth, but there opposition is formidable because there are still Smurf Zombies coming out of the Earth. Plus, they don’t quit. You have a few still coming at the cute little house, that has been retro-fitted into a bunker, despite being ripped apart at the torso, or losing a head. Lots of guts hanging out. Check out the poor dude puking just behind the house.

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This is very hilarious. You have the most feared creature that ever walked the planet, meeting up with its own kind, and they’re probably fighting over a gambling debt or a woman T Rex, so it’s intense, but when it’s time to get it on it gets kind of silly because their arms are super short. It’s like a hand scratch fight. Maybe it goes in rounds. First it’s the goofy hands fight, and there’s a judge just outside of the picture, who determines the dinosaur with the best form and most impactful slap-scratches. Then, they move on to the bite chunks out of each other’s heads. That round doesn’t necessarily need a judge, because basically the first one to get a good chunk of head wins.

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Another mashup shirt combining the visage of a Storm Trooper from Star Wars with the ubiquitous smiley with the hole shot in it’s head. Throw in a little Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias from Watchmen and you have a spectacular amount of pop culture stuffed onto one tiny little t shirt.

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