604 Republic Shirts Reviewed

604 Republic is into the nerdy, gamer mashup and they do a helluva job with it. Here are reviews of their best.

So this here is a beautiful, actually gruesome, mashup of the movie Aliens with the bewitching children’s game Operation. Operation was that game where you used tweezers to try to pull body parts out of a dude’s random orifices, and there was a shocking buzzer if you touched the sides of the orifice. You had to make it a clean shot. What, how in the hell is that a kids game. It sounds horrible, but it was frickin’ fun.

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Word on the street says this Slice of Shell Pizza T Shirt is in reference to a video game, which you may have heard of…Super Mario Brothers. Is this true or did I get bad information? If I got bad information, I go back to the source and give him what’s for, and he doesn’t give bad information any more. In fact, he doesn’t give anybody any information any more.

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Hey, if you’ve been wishing and praying you could have a 604 Republic t-shirt or hoodie, but never had the extra cash to splurge, now is probably the time to act. They have a Summer Clearance Sale going on and some of the best designs are up for grabs. Hurry, the good times end July 20. Look for the shirts marked down to $12.

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Nice wordplay. You know the movie Snakes on a Plane featuring a desperate Samuel L. Jackson. And, of course, you’re familiar with the snakes imagery on canes. Combine them and you have a keeper t shirt. Do you agree? Will you take the next step to own this Snakes on a Cane T Shirt? Will you show a little faith? You will you put a little cash on the table as a token of your belief that this shirt very well make the difference in your life?

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This is one of the best Harry Potter shirts I’ve seen yet. How can you not like this Horcrux Collector’s Club T shirt? First, the design is awesome. that copperish, gold, yellow color on black with metaphysical, mystical, and magical trinkets giving it a deep and mysterious look. Plus, the Horcrux storyline is such a powerful thread throughout.

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Scare Bear T Shirt

by on June 17, 2011

This looks like a Dead Heads worst acid trip. He came for the peace, love and happiness and he ended up with a rogue Care Bear wielding a large, bloody axe. Bad trip. The whole Care Bear industry has been turned upside down with this Scare Bear T Shirt, and it’s horrible. Think about the kids. They’ll have nightmares. You won’t grow up properly. They’ll always feel unsafe.

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Hey, even robots have to take a bit of a break from exterminating sometimes. Am I right? This one is kicking back, watching some television and having a nice relaxing day. If you go too hard all the time, you lose your edge. You need a little R&R every once in a while to recharge. Yes, even robots need this. No lie. If you love Dr. Who and want to impress your nerd friends go ahead and purchase this Dr. Who Dalek Procrastinate T Shirt.

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The Bluth family is something else, and Arrested Development was something else. Distill the sophisticated humor and what you get is this Bluth Family Crest T Shirt and it’s something else.

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Obviously, this is in reference to Scorpion fighting in the video game Mortal Kombat saying “Get Over Here” when he’s about to finish someone off. That’s why this is funny. 604 Republic has added the “on” so it sounds a little Southern, then goes ahead and makes Scorpion a proprietor of BBQ cuisine. You know, you can’t have a sports career forever, so maybe he retired, hung on to the outfit, and decided to make a buck or two off his good warrior name.

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This is one of those optical illusions. People are going to pass by you on the street, see that animal clawing at your chest and jump back in fright, thinking that you’re getting ripped to pieces by a mini black and white tiger. This is priceless entertainment, which is why I recommend that you buy this Tiger Uppercut T Shirt no matter how much 604 Republic sells it for.

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Birds T Shirt

by on May 16, 2011

I don’t think this Birds T Shirt is referencing the horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, but I guess you can’t be sure. It doesn’t feel as creepy and scary as that movie. Those birds don’t seem to be after anybody, but maybe that’s the kind of thinking that got the people in the movie in trouble. At first it was like oh look at that cute bird to oh my that’s quite an impressive flock of birds to oh my god that gaggle of birds is attacking me and I’m missing an eye. So, be careful with this tee. It might be the beginning of something dastardly. You never can tell.

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MechaHeart T Shirt

by on May 16, 2011

This is a cool, cool shirt. You have a mechanical heart with plastic valves and rivets and a ton of little gears making it pump. I’m not sure, but I think this was the original Jarvik 7 design. The other really sweet thing about this Mechaheart T Shirt is that the image is on the top left of the shirt (i.e. where your heart is). Unfortunately, it looks like 604 Republic only has this design available on the baby doll style tee, which is mostly for women and boys with a certain flare, shall we say.

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