What Would MacGyver Do? T Shirt

by on April 20, 2008

This one may have even stumped MacGyver. Like his fatal flaw. The last show. Draw the curtain. Into the sunset. Craftiness can only take you so far. When you run out of butt wipe and there is not a magazine, the weekly newspaper, classified ads from the daily, baby wipes, paper towels, napkins or your shoe box of saved valentines from fourth grade, then you’re in a very bad way.

MacGyver may know how to pulp porcelain and fashion into a suitable paper, but that’s a time-intensive process, and time is of the essence when your on the john, because people might think you’re taking a duece, and that’s totally embaracing.

Get What Would MacGyver Do? tshirt today. It’s important.

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scott February 5, 2011 at 5:43 am

didn’t tshirt hell have this design first?


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