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by on March 14, 2012

Syracuse has a rich basketball history. Jim Boeheim has coached the team for 35 years. That’s insane! They won in 2003 with Carmelo Anthony and that crazy 2-3 zone Boeheim has mastered. Going into this year’s March Madness tournament, they’re 31-2, which is an intensely awesome record, especially playing in a conference that has several top flight teams. Nonetheless, I did not pick them to go to the Final Four. Not having their main big man, Fab Melo, is going to hurt too much.

Which brings me to another point. How do you ride Melo to the championship in 2003, then get a kid named Fab Melo 9 years later? That is really confusing to me. What are the odds?

You know what I really like about Syracuse? The orange. Love the color orange and they have a lot of it. And their Mascot, Otto the Orange, is really an orange. I mean not really. That don’t roll out a Navel or Valencia and call that their mascot. But the costume the mascot wears in an orange fruit, which is nice for basketball, because it kind of looks like a basketball. Not sure where the connection between New York and oranges is, but lets not get picayune.

What you should get is this Syracuse Orange T Shirt, because you need to be pumped up for a deep run

Busted Tees new line, the Loyalist, keeps putting the good stuff out one after another. I love a t-shirt with an orange on it.

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