Swan Dive Into the Best Night of Your Life Tshirt

by on August 1, 2010

Apparently, what we’ve got here is a masterful marketing campaign brought to by the tag team of Busted Tees and Old Spice. Humorous. Entertaining commercial. Nice use of a black man with perfect diction. All well done, except maybe the tshirt product that was conceived during this corporate fornication wasn’t quite pitch perfect.

It feels a little forced, or maybe I just wouldn’t feel smug wearing a shirt that references an ad campaign from a brand of deodorant. And, for me, at the end of the day, wearing funny tshirts is all about feeling super smug and superior.

Nonetheless, even though I don’t approve of it glowingly, it still has its charm and will probably be good enough to get into your tshirt rotation, so go ahead and sniff around at the Swan Dive Into the Best Night of Your Life T-Shirt.

Here’s the commercial:

Busted Tees has sold out bitches. No biggie. We all do it. Change is inevitable and you either embrace it or die.

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