Sushi Ol’ Dirty Bastard Oh Baby I Like It Raw T Shirt from Look at Me Shirts

by on December 27, 2011

I had a feeling Ol’ Dirty Bastard was talking about sushi. I tried not to listen to people that said he was talking about having sex without a condom, because that’s just too nasty for a song. Leave that kind of talk to the whorehouse, the alley ways, the guest bedroom, and the vestibule in the Sistine Chapel.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya is one of the best songs on one of the best rap albums of all time: Return to the 36 Chambers by ODB. Check out that video below. It’s all about sushi.

So, get this Oh Baby I Like It Raw T Shirt in celebration of the golden age of rap and the best food on the planet. It’s a win win and you will look super cool. No doubt about it.

Look at Me Shirts is in the business of making you look cool. Okay?

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