Superman Tshirt

by on August 21, 2008

superman-t-shirtNot sure why, but Superman tshirts make me laugh. Either you have someone who takes themselves way to seriously. Looks in the mirror and sees a lion and seriously believes that they are as close to Superman as any real person can be. And that makes me laugh, ‘cuz basically that dude needs to chill.

Then there is Shaq, whose signature apparel is a Superman t-shirt. And, he probably thinks he’s all that, what with the fame, fortune and adulation, but there’s something light-hearted about his approach. A twinkle in the eye, that lets you know it’s supposed to be funny. Unless, of course, you’re on the receiving end of one of his backboard destroying dunks.

Get your Superman Tshirt today.

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babozor August 21, 2008 at 1:17 pm

Just for the record, it’s supposed to be a “superboy” thshirt, superman is with a navy background, not a black one… but yeah you’re right


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