Super Hero Halloween Costume Hoodies

by on October 1, 2010

Alright. October is upon us and it is now time to talk about Halloween. Yes, I know WalMart has had special candy bins and pumpkin candy collectors on display since June 9, but I refuse to talk about Halloween until the month of October. It’s still a full month away for God’s sake. That’s enough time to figure out the costume.

You’ve seen the top funny Halloween T Shirts on the web. Right?

Now, if you’re into Super Heroes and hoodies and minimal costume work, I have just stumbled upon your dream purchase.

Super Hero Costume Hoodies. Now, you might ask me why I’m talking about these. I’m a funny shirt specialist and here I am talking about hoodies, but let me tell you something. These things crack me up.The super hero fake belts. The fake chest on Aquaman. This is good stuff.

Aquaman Costume Hoodie

Superman Costume Hoodie

Daredevil Costume Hoodie

Captain America Costume Hoodie

Batman Costume Hoodie

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