So Far, I Seem To Be Immortal T Shirt from Super Good Tees

by on December 16, 2011

Sometimes all you need is words on a t-shirt like this one. This is funny and it’s true, which is why So Far I Seem to Be Immortal T Shirt is a tee that you should own within the next two weeks.

I’m not sure why this one grabs me, but it does. Like in what situation are you checking in with others on whether or not you’re immortal. Are you saying this into a headset? Is it a web cam conference call? Or maybe you’re just doing weekly check of your mortality and recording it in your journal.

You were told that everybody dies but as you feel your pulse on your neck, and blow on the back of your hand you know that perhaps you’re just a little bit different. Perhaps you have the immortal gene.

Of course, you’re only 22 and in fine fettle, so it’s not hard to see why you might convince yourself. Just wait ’til you’re in your mother’s basement at 41, don’t get much exercise, and eat an atrocious diet, and then tell me you’re still feeling like you will never die.

Super Good Tees put this design together among a huge collection of others. Check them out. Use coupon code TSHIRTGROOVE for 10% off. That’s right I hooked you up.

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