Sunday is God’s Day T Shirt

by on October 6, 2010

Headline Shirts kind of stepping out of its comfort zone with this religious and football themed shirt. I applaud them. It takes guts to try new things, especially when you’re comfortably kicking butt with your regular funny, political, irreverent stuff. Well, I guess this is still pretty irreverent, and maybe even sacrilegious in certain circles. Mess with God in any way and you’re asking for trouble, and this particular Zeus-like depiction, participating in a game of man, could really rankle the fundamentalist Christians snooping around the Internet.

But, let me be the first to say that I love the Sunday is God’s Day t shirt for its irony, and the art. God looks like he’s taking total control of the play. You know that throw is going to be right on the money in the end zone, even as a 315 pound lineman hits him from the blindside. Plus, this really does touch a real oddity in modern American life: Sunday is for church and football. I lived it for years as a son of a preacher and a rabid Denver Broncos fan. Nutty!

Speaking of which, do you ease up a little when you’re playing tackle football with god, or do you go all out to show him you’re not wasting your talents…something God does not take lightly.

Anyway, this shirt floats immediately to the top of my best funny football t shirts list.

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