Sugar Daddy T Shirt

by on September 17, 2011

I didn’t know that Sugar Daddy’s had to advertise, but I guess times are tough and if you can’t afford the threads that show you have the money, then the next best thing is to wear a shirt that says you have the dough. Normally, you think the come hither looks and the confident banter directed at the hottest chick (who looks expensive) in the room, along with tasteful bling, expensive clothes and casual mentions of the Porsche in the parking lot was all you really needed to do to lure in the ladies. But, maybe your portfolio got slammed in the last crash, and the real estate is in the shitter, you got laid off the 6-figure corporate gig, and now, well now you gotta do what you can to continue playing the game.

And, this Sugar Daddy T Shirt can distract from the missing personal fortune. At least for a while and that may be all you need.

Red Bubble put this beauty out by CornrowJezus because they know what time it is.

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