Student Loans Totally Broke Since Graduation T Shirt

by on June 28, 2012

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This is more of a political statement than just a funny t shirt. Student loans are the next big bubble to pop. The whole thing, just like the housing bubble before it, is unsustainable. Universities continue to raise the price of education, because there is loan money out there for the students, so they can pay the exhorbitant prices. Why is there loan money? Because banks know that any loans they make are back stopped by the US taxpayer. So, they make money if the loan is paid off, and if it doesn’t get paid off no problem. They have nothing to lose and encourage the higher tuition costs, because that increases the fees and interest they make.

Any bank that wasn’t a pure scam would never make these loans especially in an economy where kids get out of school and there are no jobs. Corporations are still outsourcing to China. It’s an absolute ridiculous situation and along with the entire US economy it is going to implode. Good times ahead for sure.

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