Strangers Have the Best Candy T Shirt

by on January 12, 2011

As long as you don’t mind the cost, which is a little fondling. If you can get past that, then, yes, strangers definitely have the best candy. Isn’t that weird how you’re warned not to take candy from strangers…like that wisdom is passed down from generation to generation. Because everybody, since Moses, knows that kids are really, really stupid for candy and they’ll do anything to get it, especially if they are in a home that doesn’t do much candy for the general health of the family.

Now, the more healthy kid is like hell yeah I’m grabbing some of that forbidden fruit. They’re especially going to do it if they see you wearing this Strangers Have the Best Candy T Shirt. So, if the neighbor kid gets molested and you’ve been known to wear this shirt, then you’re probably second most to blame. Certainly an accomplice. Hope you can do the time, because Snorg Tees will not come to your aid with their high-powered lawyers.

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