Stranger With Benefits T Shirt

by on February 1, 2011

Another spectacular shirt to wear in places where you don’t know people but you want to meet people, and maybe even get with people, if you know what I mean. I’m convinced that there are so many tees like this because they work and people want to wear them. If they are truly clever or funny like this Stranger With Benefits T Shirt is they will get a laugh and break the ice, and you can start a conversation. It doesn’t necessarily have to go to hooking up immediately, but that notion has been firmly implanted as at least something that will need to be broached as the evening moves along.

Plus, I think Deez Teez knows that if you put out a bold statement like this, it’s going to polarize your audience…the people that think it’s tacky will give you a wide berth while those that find it funny and/or intriguing will come to you. Saves you time and cuts to the chase and, if you are bold and in the market for some casual sex, works great.

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