Stop Podcasting Yourself T Shirt

by on February 22, 2011

Apparently, there’s a podcast coming out of Canada called Stop Podcasting Yourself and apparently it’s funny shit. It features Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, out of Vancouver. So, this Stop Podcasting Yourself t shirt, complete with our stars and the coat of arms of Vancouver is a reference to this phenomenon, and you know if Topatoco puts out a shirt designed by Maximum Fun, promoting your podcast, then you got something goin’ on. I’m going to have to load it up to the iPod and listen to it as I ride the bus to my evening time janitorial job. Lord knows I need some uplift in those daily dark times.

Actually, this shirt works as a standalone too, if you ask me. There’s probably 79% too many podcasts out there, so this is probably good advice to wear on your chest. People that are on the fence, thinking “should I really still be doing that podcast, might see this and be swayed to put the headset down and do the right thing, which is just watch TV and play video games.

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