Stop Collaborate & Listen T Shirt

by on March 13, 2011

This shirt has the look of an old school TV being filmed by an early 90s camcorder. The TV refresh rate is imperceptible by the naked eye, but if you capture it with a camera all you see is a picture broken up with lines, as the speeds of the film and the refresh rate of the TV don’t synch, thus you capture the rapid flickering. That’s what you have here with this Stop, Collaborate & Listen T Shirt.

Also, those Kanye West slit shades glasses comes to mind when I look at the lettering. Either way, it captures the eye…and then there’s the message from Young Lovers Label.

Stop trying to do everything on your own, thinking you and your mind are all you need.

Collab – I’m taking this as the abbreviation for collaborate. You stopped, and now the shirt mandates you find at least one other to work with.

Orate – Tell the team what’s on your mind. What you’re thinking. Your direction.

Listen – Gather feedback. See how they interact with your idea. To what place are their riffs taking the project.

Basically, this shirt does the job of any team building workshop you might sign up for at your local chamber of commerce.

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