Stewart Colbert 2012 T Shirt

by on October 9, 2010

We have actors and professional wrestlers as governors. We’ve had an actor as President. France and Italy elect porn stars. Al Franken is now a Senator after a nice career as a comedian. And, of course, George W. was a landscaper before taking his seat in the oval office, so there’s nothing wrong with campaigning for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who both host snarky faux news shows that tend to be funny. They seem to be clear thinking, bold, and brilliant dudes, so why not put them on the Democratic ticket, and take the conch in 2012.

Barack is laying some groundwork, though corporations hold full sway with him, so perhaps the comedians could break out of that best politics money can buy mold. Maybe? Who knows how strong the pressure is once you become the Prez. I do know that every President ages in dog years once their term starts.

Are you for those ticket? Will you wear this Stewart Colbert 2012 T Shirt?

Busted Tees is thinking about nominating Jake and Amir on the Green Party ticket, but they would suck at politics, and neither is very green if we’re being truthful.

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Jay March 14, 2011 at 7:15 pm

I found this at tshirtbordello for half the price

they have it on woot as well.



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