Steve Jobs 1955-2011 T Shirt

by on October 6, 2011

Well, of course it had to happen: Steve Jobs t shirts. God rest his soul. I was never an Apple fanboy, but I do appreciate the innovation, so I have much respect. And, I guess, I probably couldn’t live very well without my iPod Touch, so maybe I’m slightly a fan.

Anyways, condolences to the family, and good luck to the company as they may struggle without the force of nature that was Jobs. Anyway, if you’re a fan and want to remember one of the great inventors of our time, pick up this Steve Jobs 1955-2011 T Shirt.

Turning the Apple into a heart is a nice touch, though he’s probably rolling in his grave looking at the bastardization of a logo he probably micro-managed into perfection many years ago. Ha Ha.

Five Finger Tees does good designs on good shirts for a ridiculously low price. Not sure how it’s a viable business plan, so take advantage before they go down in flames for charging too little for their shirts.

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