Stay Puft Radar – Marshmallow Man Ghost Busters Movie Tshirt

by on July 5, 2010

Ray was trying to think ahead and think of the nicest memory, so that his thought wouldn’t become the devastation of civilization. It sort of backfired when the Stay Puft Mashmallow Man became an enormous Godzilla like car stomping beastie. But, I’m giving Ray a pass. He was under duress and he used sound logic to the best he could.

Anyway, the Ghostbusters took care of business with minimal collateral damage, so it all worked out in the end. This was a roundabout way of saying, it’s safe to wear this Stay Puft Radar Marshmallow Man GhostBusters Movie Tshirt without offending too many people.

Here’s a clip from the beloved Ghostbusters movie with Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and company:

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