Stay Puft and Carry On T Shirt

by on October 19, 2010

So, here we have the Keep Calm and Carry On theme just like the Keep Calm and Put Bacon On Tee from Snorg Tees that was also put out this week. What kind of outlandishness is this? The same theme on the same week, how randomly lovely is that. Anyways, I love the original message for inspiring a strong get through it attitude. I dig the white on red brightness to balance out the somber messaging. And, I really dig this new developing meme, capitalizing on this public domain material that’s taking the message into wild, wild spaces.

Check out this Stay Puft and Carry On T Shirt. It’s a mashup with Ghostbusters and British history. Can you even believe that? Look at that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man hat replacing the crown on the original. That is funny. Of course, that’s were the hilarity ends and the confusion begins. What twisted mind even came up with this parallel. You see Keep Calm and all of a sudden two four-letter words come into your mind as a variation on the theme. Was this pyschopath just sitting around staring at the poster in the shitter and all of a sudden it came to her? Or did Busted Tees have a mole in the Snorg Tees facility, who reported that they had a Carry On shirt in the works, so Busted Tees needed to respond in kind. Thus, Busted Tees mandated a Carry On Shirt by Tuesday, so everybody just put their nose to the grindstone, slid their favorite comedy movie in the player and hoped to be inspired by the brilliance.

What am I going on about. I’m boring myself. How about that model though. Am I right?

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