Statue of Liberty Osama Bin Laden Head T shirt

by on May 25, 2011

I have to admit that the dude probably needed to die as an at-large war criminal. Forget imprisonment and due process of law, just take him out. Of course, hanging his head on the Statue of Liberty takes it to another level. I guess it would cause significant pause to the next terrorist in a plane planning on taking out an American building. So good job Seal Team VI.

But, there is another bit of symbolism in this Statue of Liberty Osama Bin Laden is Dead T shirt

His head is covering up the lamp of liberty. Does that mean, the US has used the excuse of protecting against terrorism to take away it’s citizens freedoms and natural born rights? Gotta be careful with that shit for sure. Just keep an eye open, and make sure the government hasn’t gone sideways.

Anyway, for now, we can celebrate the demise of Bin Laden with this shirt from Five Finger Tees.

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