Star Wars Storm Trooper Miranda T Shirt from Look at Me Shirts

by on December 27, 2011

A mashup of Carmen Miranda and a Storm Trooper. How cliche. Just kidding. This Storm Trooper Miranda T Shirt is spectacular. I mean you really can’t lose when a Storm Trooper from Star Wars is taken out of context and placed in other whacky positions, and having tons of colorful necklaces and a fruit basket on his head, makes this particular Storm Trooper funny and appealing.

Wait…why does Carmen always have fruit on her head? Is that like the epitome of festivity and joyous celebration in Latin countries? I think I’ve stumbled on the answer to my own question, and now I will watch every Youtube video featuring Ms. Miranda in order to confirm my theory.

For your convenience I’ve included one here:

Look at Me Shirts mashes up as well as anyone in the tshirt mashup business.

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