Star Wars It’s a Trap T Shirt

by on November 9, 2010

Admiral Ackbar figured out it was a trap. Billy Dee Williams was making some excellent decisions despite being stickin’ drunk from the 6-pack of Colt 44s he drank. Very exciting part of the Return of the Jedi movie. Krylov223 on Youtube explains it like this:

“The imperial fleet was hiding behind the moon so the rebels couldn’t detect them. The emperors tells vader this. How they got in position so fast seems a bit sketchy.”

Now, on this It’s a Trap T Shirt, the Death Star is a well shaped piece of cheese on a mouse snap trap, which is funny, but you have to be a certain type of Star Wars fan to enjoy it. You cannot be a super serious purist who takes the Star Wars movies more serious than a suicide bomber takes the Koran. You have to be able to open your mind slightly and let in some loose interpretations of George Lucas’s text. As much as you’d like to think the original script was touched by God and that Lucas is infallible, it never hurts to poke a little fun. Am I right? Snorg Tees agrees.

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