Star Wars Darth Vader Who’s Your Daddy T Shirt

by on January 4, 2011

Hey, who’s your daddy? Good little bit of play on words going on here. In other words….wordplay. Darth Vader asking Luke Skywalker in a more urban language type of way if he knows who his daddy is. Almost a rhetorical question, because if you’ve seen this Star Wars thing you know Darth is the man that produced the seed to create the Luke and twin sister Leia. But, it’s a movie, and it needs some dramatic tension, so Luke has to play along with the whole, who’s your daddy routine for a while. Annakin Skywalker…Luke Skywalker…get it…geez.

Anyway, you probably gobble up all funny Star Wars shirts so this Darth Vader Who’s Your Daddy T shirt is right in your wheelhouse. Pull out your wallet and knock it out of the park. Deez Teez will give you a standing “O,” for like three straight minutes. That’s right, come out of the dug out and tip the cap. And again. One more time. Okay…time to play ball.

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