Star Wars Darth Vader Sons of Anakin Tatooine T Shirt

by on April 24, 2011

Chapters of this group are popping up all over the solar system. It’s very popular to align yourself with someone that had so much internal struggle, but also so much power, so that as he was swayed by his dark self many dark times came to many, many planets and people/creatures. Of course, when we was strong in the Force and doing it for good, things were pretty good and positive things were happening. Quite an intriguing figure. And, of course, him finally escaping the clutches of the dark side of the Force at the end makes for a bit of a heroic figure. That and the whole spooky outfit and breathing dealio.

And, bonin’ Natalie Portman was pretty solid, too. So, if you want to join a chapter or start a new one in your side of town, step one is buy this Sons of Anakin Tatooine T Shirt.

Next, write T Shirt Bordello a letter and thank them for capturing the essence of Darth Vader.

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