Star Wars Asteroids Mashup: Astaroids T Shirt from 604 Republic

by on January 27, 2012

This is a mashup. I used to play a lot of asteroids on my Atari 2600 as a kid. It was the best thing ever. Now, I show my little nephew — he’s only allowed in the basement with another adult, besides me — this tee and he’s just laughing at the graphics. I’m trying to explain how awesome it was to shoot the asteroids and break them up into littler asteroids and the sounds were ominous, and then it gets real hectic when the little space ship comes wheelin’ by shootin’ at you. Richard, the nephew, isn’t buying this shit at all, but he likes this Astaroids T Shirt because of the funny placement of the stick figure Star Wars ships.

What do you think about this tee from 604 Republic? Instant classic?

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