Star Trek Keeping Up With the Cardassians T Shirt

by on April 22, 2011

Nice wordplay and corresponding image here. The Cardassians are a race in Star Trek…the Cardassian Union, and they have the jacked up faces you see on the corresponding Kardashians on this Keeping Up With the Cardassians T Shirt. I love that somebody made this connection, because I think the Kardashians are an alien sort of family…a new breed that has infiltrated earth with no talent except to be related to a sister that has a plump ass (hey look Cardassians has the word “ass” which makes it even that much more cool of a connection). Well, I guess the other talent these folks have is figuring out how to leverage Kim’s ass into relationships with professional athletes and a reality TV show, both of which bring money into the family coffers.

I suppose that too is a skill that cannot be denied. Anyways, T-shirt Bordello with another mashup winner right here. Celebrate the absurdity of American life in 2011. My only objection is that creature front in center looks more like Angelina Jolie than Kim, but basically a minor quibble with the brilliance of the concept.

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