Stand Back I’m a Professional T Shirt

by on April 5, 2010

Dude with a fork and a cowlick is pushing through the crowd, letting people know he’s gonna take care of this outlet situation. It’s dangerous, but he’s done it before.

The reason I feature this shirt is because it’s as goofy as can be. It would stand up just as text on a shirt, because that’s pretty funny in itself. Now, you this teenager about ready to stick a fork into the socket for God knows what reason and all of a sudden you’ve taken it to the absurd level. It actually might be too much. Maybe they should have just stuck with the words.

Something about that fork and the youth of said professional that gets me. Yeah, I’d wear this on my chest. Do you agree? If so, you’ll need to pull out that pink and white polka dot valuer wallet of yours and make the purchase of Stand Back I’m a Professional Tshirt.

Do it!

Snorg Tees: guaranteed not to have fleas on arrival.

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