Squirrel Banjo T Shirt

by on March 28, 2012

This has to qualify as one of the weirdest shirts in the funny t shirt market today. Am I right? We have squirrel standing on an amp with a banjo that plugged in. I think he’s playing the banjo version of Gin & Juice. Now, the more interesting question is who was the craftsman that put that micro banjo together. That is what’s most important to figure out here.

Obviously, the thing works, so it’s a marvel of instrument building. That’s like the 8th wonder of the world right there. The fact that there is sound coming from that thing. Forget about the squirrel playing banjo. No big deal. Anybody, can train a squirrel to do anything. It’s the masterful banjo that begs for awe and wonderment.

Headline Shirts does it weird like always. Get the Squirrel Banjo T shirt right now.

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