Split Reason Review Posted

by on April 11, 2011

split reason logo1 Split Reason Review PostedIf you’re into the geek and gamer culture, I highly recommend you go check out Split Reason. It’s an awesome site to indulge in all the Mario Bros., Star Wars, and nery mashups your heart could possibly desire. If you’re not into the geek stuff, you’re not going to have a clue what any of these shirts mean.

Of course, that may be alright because all of the designs seem to be very well done with their own signature look. What I’m saying is your grandma, who just got an email last week, might like some of the designs just because she can recognize the artistry. Forget that. She’ll have no idea about the stars and mushrooms and zombies, and she’ll probably be freaked out, and get 27% more scared about what the future holds with these kids.

But, that’s cool, ‘cuz these are not your gramma’s shirts. They’re your shirts. Embrace them. Better yet, buy them and wear them because embracing t shirts is weird and kind of hard to do because there’s not a lot of girth to get a hold of.

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