Old School Speaker City T Shirt

by on August 30, 2010

Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell. It’s like a murderers row of comedy acting. Not to say it’s a film is an automatic winner if you throw together an A-list ensemble cast, but for Old School it seemed to work.

Now, it was so kind of Speaker City to sponsor Mitch-a-polooza, and there’s no better way to thank them for their generosity, than to take a long hard look at the Speaker City T-Shirt. Think to yourself, is there a better way to pay back Speaker City, than to wear their shirt around town, letting everybody know that I think their goods and services are worthy…worthy of wearing their name on my chest.

I’m pretty sure I know that answer if you’re truly honest with yourself, and that answer is purchasing seven of these babies, putting them in the outfit rotation and wearing one each and every day, including to Sunday School. That’s if you’re TRULY HONEST with yourself.

Nerdy Shirts has always advocated for brutal self honesty and the rich rewards that come from not keeping yourself in the dark from yourself.

Oh, and one other thing: “We’re streaking!”

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