Space Lasers Bass Faders T Shirt

by on December 1, 2010

This shirt boggles my mind. I really have no idea what it means. Do you? The prevailing wisdom says it has to do with Djs pumping out such amazing jams that you feel like you’re in hyperspace or on Venus, or Mars, or a distant galaxy, and aliens are dancing on your eyelids, and really you’re just a clone working on the moon and when you become less productive you just get replaced by a replica of you. Oh wait, that was that awesome movie, Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and I just spoiled it. Retroactive spoiler alert, erase from your mind what you just read. Let’s focus on this Space Lasers Bass Faders Girls ‘N Boom Boxes T Shirt.

From Headline Shirts (this is funny):

Ten years ago, on a lonely planet, amongst dusty speakers and empty pyramids, an anonymous DJ astronaut walked atop his ship. Plugging his helmet wire into the hologram turntables in front of him, his hand raised to the sky. He dropped the needle to the record. Earth-shattering bass rippled through the dusty planet, creating hundreds of little dust clouds dotting the landscape. Thousands of lights from ships started appearing in front of the astro rocker, revealing people and aliens alike cracking open canned beer and dancing atop their trashy Spaceships.

This went on for an entire decade. It was the longest DJ set this astronaut had ever played. He came back to earth battered and hung-over with only one thing on his mind: Space, Lasers, Bass and Faders.

Inspired by astronauts and tested by DJs, this t-shirt fills the gap between music and space travel.

Now, I understand. It’s all perfectly clear. The shutter shade font looks just like those hip shades people wear, and girls with boom boxes is a pretty spectacular combination. And lasers, and astronauts, and Djs, and the moon, and more girls and more boom boxes. It’s all very breathtaking and wonderful and awe-inspiring and definitely something you want to celebrate on a t shirt. Am I right? I think I am.

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