Space Invaders Flag T Shirt

by on August 23, 2010

I don’t really get it but it’s pretty damn cool looking adding that space invaders look to the Stars and Bars. Actually, could be pretty incendiary if you think about it. Basically, you have a big gun shooting at the representation of the states of our country. Look at it from a distance and you may well very think there’s some treason goin’ on here. Actually, those “serious” Patriots may think the same even at a close inspection, especially if they don’t know Space Invaders from Donkey Kong.

It’s pretty clear that’s not where they’re going with this shirt, when you read their funny synopsis:

“The United States officially unfurled its new flag today, honoring the brave souls who lost their lives in the war against the Space Invaders.

“Let it be known! Never again will our country be terrorized by neatly organized rows of pixelated, two-dimensional critters from space,” said President Obama. “And may this serve as a warning to any other foe who might get any ideas — be they giant centipedes, millipedes, Galagas, or barrel-tossing apes.”

This will be the first change to the US flag since the 1979, when a white triangle was added to commemorate the spaceship that saved the planet from a storm of asteroids.”

That’s good but maybe it’s just a cover up. What do you think of the Space Invaders American Flag T Shirt.

Is Headline Shirts communist or socialist or anti-American? Is this a plot to take over the world? Do you know how powerful a flag, a handle, a symbol is? They can power revolutions.

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